Team versus Sts - R21 of 2018


Mate I just replied to your first post, Just seems to me some people make calls on players (good or bad) and then barrack for those predictions to become fact. Comments like yours seem to me to be a good example.


Fair enough. I hope Colyer has a great game tomorrow. I just don’t see the point in playing him anymore, I don’t think he does nearly enough with the ball in hand or without the ball to warrant a place in the 22


I can’t even remember the last time we slaughtered a team.


Funnily enough, v st kilda last year


If we rock up with the right attitude, with the team we have on paper. We should slaughter them


That’s a new one for me

Edit: don’t like it now.


That’s what she said.


Let us know if you still think that when you get prostate problems.


Trav played ok last week and deserves his spot. I agree that he’d been pretty much rubbish in the lead up to that game but 23 semi-decent possessions gets you reselected every time.

PS. I’m going to be watching this one from a bar in Chaweng, Koh Samui. Any other Blitzers over here? Bit of a long shot but ya never know.


[email protected] that is a great looking side. Cant believe we’re sitting in 11th place.

Below norf. Lol.


Won’t be over there but the night market at the fisherman’s village (Bophut) on a fri night is pretty good.

And if you go to the kickboxing be aware that the toilet attendant may try to give you a shoulder massage whilst you are urinating. That was awkward.


When they were being talked up as premiership chances lol


That got me intrigued to see how many big wins we have had in the past years. I’m saying a big win is 10 goals plus.

2018 - 0
2017 - 3 (61,70,61)
2016 - 0 (of course)
2015 - 0
2014 - 2 (81,64)
2013 - 1 (148)
2012 - 4 (67,61,66,84)
2011 - 1 (139)
2010 - 0
2009 - 1 (69)

Geez we were flying in 2012 before injuries hit. All those the big wins that year were in the 1st half of the year.


Goddard is lucky to be in after last week. Needs to move forward in contested ball situations and show younger players how to put body on the line


Interesting. Others have been banned for less


It’s the beta talking.


Samui, wish I was there. Bophut definitely the go on a Friday night. Watched a bit of footy at the Billabong Bar. In Chaweng, Tropical Murphys (next door to Baan Samui) has big screens and good atmosphere.


I have 2 x medallion club seats on level 2 and underground car park for this.
$90 for all of it. PM if keen


I don’t mind selections… except for the fact that the season is over… would have preferred to get games into the guys on the fringe to make informed list decisions.

Also the last two weeks we have looked a key forward (or back and swing Hooker forward) short… and yet not addressed again.

Oh well, hope the boys fight it out to the end.


My head is telling me this is going to be a game where the Saints come out hot, we miss a ton of easy shots and the game is close for most of it until we pull away a little late to win by 2-3 goals.

My heart is wanting us to just fcking pump them, get a few goals up early and just ram them into the ground as the game wears on. They have a sh*t team on paper bar Steven/Membrey/Gresham and we have no excuses for not beating them and beating them easily.