TEAM VS Freo announced

In: J.Kelly, B.Stanton, M.Leuenberger, D.Myers, M.Hartley, J.Stewart, A.Francis, K.Mutch

Out: J.Watson (Rested), T.Bellchambers (Omitted), M.Brown (Ankle), B.McNiece (Rested), A.McGrath (Rested)

B: Matt Dea, Michael Hartley, Martin Gleeson

HB: Mark Baguley, Michael Hartley, Aaron Francis

C: Travis Colyer, Brendon Goddard, James Kelly

HF: Orazio Fantasia, Cale Hooker, David Zaharakis

F: Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Joe Daniher, David Myers

R: Matthew Leuenberger, Zach Merrett, Dyson Heppell

I: Darcy Parish, Josh Green, James Stewart, Kobe Mutch, Ben Howlett, Conor McKenna, Brent Stanton

Thoughts ?

Michael Hartley is in for a very tough day!

Hope Kobe plays!


Too much Hartley and not enough Hurley


Mutch, Stew and Stants to miss.

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Hope Mutch dominates

Geez, I hope Freo don’t have any small forwards.



I’d have Stewart over Howlett in a heartbeat

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Very disappointing. This club is not going forward
Replacing the likes of Watson With Stanton


Jobe rested. Gee you think maybe you should have rested him last week? Fmd


Only on an extended squad. Calm your farm.

That said Stanton excels at that ground.

Good to see Francis back in the starting lineup.


Yep - if the game was anywhere else he probably wouldn’t be in the side, but Stants will love to run (albeit slowly) on that ground


Interesting that Howlett is still in the team, don’t know if he deserves to be. In saying that, I feel the same about zaka too. I hope Mutch gets a game, and unfortunately I think only one of stewart or Frang will get a game.

I don’t know mutch, but I know I love you!


Zaka doesn’t just have pictures. He must have home movies FFS


Woosha said he is playing his role.

If our inside mids/rucks not assisting with winning clearances and getting the ball out pretty tough on outside mids.

More would/should be expected of him however

OK I we wrong. Thought the club would stick with a measured number of changes - 3 to 4 at most.
Instead a minimum of 5 changes at least.
Does this indicate the coaches are becoming as impatient as Blitz in the journey to work out our best team?
At least a positive to young Mutch too, even if he doesn’t make the final cut.

Rested another 3. We’ve hit the wall!

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They must have put a line through Bird.


Interesting considering he’s in the best most weeks. I think he’ll come into the side soon at this rate