Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ

Multiple casualties reported at 2x mosques. Apparently the attacks were live streamed. An Australian man has claimed responsibility on-line. Bangladeshi cricket team were near by but appear to be unhurt. More when it comes to hand.

1x offender in custody.

“Bangladesh Cricket Board spokesman Jalal Yunus said most of the team had gone to mosque by bus and were about to go inside when the incident took place.”

Close call.

PM not prepared to identify ethnicity of the offender currently in custody.

From CNN:

“One mosque attendee told CNN the gunman fired for “10 to 15 minutes” taking aim at more than 200 people.”

That is truly horrible.


Apparently one of the shooters is Australian.

Multiple shooters.
Two mosques.
Possible car bomb being defused.
Possible shootings at ChCh Hospital.

Up to 27 could be dead and up to 50 injured.

Farking horrible.


Terrible stuff.

The guy who live streamed claims to be Aussie and has written a 73 page manifesto and is clearly a white supremacist.

oh and a pathetic nut job terrorist


Police now have 4 of them. Wtf.

DThe live footage is unbelievable, the casual way he walked into the mosque, these gutless coward animals have no soul.

Heavily armed, does NZ have different gun laws to us?

Infuriates me they claim to be soldiers fighting for a cause, yet they always attack those who can’t defend themselves. Soldiers fight face to face, these cowards don’t .


Up to nine suspects.

Multiple IED’s.

Don’t even ask if this is terrorism. Beyond question.


The Radical right-wing fundamentalists factions have been growing and growing… And becoming more socially acceptable. It’s bred by the fumes of hatred within the media and government policies.

This is simply Terrorism.

And so sad for the victims and their families.


news are saying only 4 at this stage: 3 men 1 woman

I don’t think they are socially acceptable at all. I think most people think their abhorrent.

I think they are just getting more brazen and less hidden.

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