Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ

the live video seems to be doing the rounds

Why are people sharing and watching the video? I can’t think of anything I’d want to see less


I won’t be watching it


Segues to the capital punishment thread.

The only difficulty there is that it gives their insidious supporters access to martyrs.

But otherwise, there should be no difficulty with putting down these vermin like you’d shoot a fox.

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When media organisations and governments are not condemning the actions of people that participate In radical right-wing rallies… it’s become socially acceptable.

Thats not mentioning the fundamentalist social commentators who are employed by mainstream media, and racist government policies that are trying to be implemented all over the world.
Peddling hatred across the society, is not going to end peacefully.


It’s on every news channel.

■■■■■■ hell the news limited website just started autoplaying the live stream footage. Why would they set something like that to autoplay? I imagine it is just the beginning or something but ffs.

Horrible. Children among the dead.

Scott Morrison offers “thoughts and prayers”


And that shows that it is not socially acceptable.

It’s a public statement of support, almost everyone is saying the same thing.

I am sure he also said more words than that but until all the evidence is in and the details confirmed there isn’t a lot more to be said other than we are thinking of you and we condemn these sort of atrocities.


The footage, just of him in his car with the radio on, is chilling enough. He is obviously far from normal, but without the gun and jacket, you wouldn’t look twice if you past him in the street… he looked that calm. The worst kind of nutter

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Too quick. They need to suffer greatly.

Having unfortunately come across it on Twitter and seen it I urge everyone to avoid it. It is disturbing beyond belief. My heart breaks for the victims. And, can everyone of those f’ing arseholes calmly radicalizing people through throwaway xenophobia on TV, Twitter, Facebook (you name it) just shut the ■■■■ up?


Its not acceptable to me, but unfortunately extreme right wing views have been insidiously but undeniably normalised in the West (Trump, Brexit, Bolsonaro, half of Europe) and acts of hatred like this are a symptom.


C7 still playing some of the footage, including him walking up to the front doors, this after the NZPolice have asked for the footage not to be shown. Scummy “journalism”


How are gun laws in NZ? Are they easily attainable? They just mentioned their police don’t carry them though.

That will help.

He is a terrorist.

This is an act of terrorism.


That ■■■■ on the livestream has extensive firearms experience and possibly/probably military training.

He was clearing corners, trigger control etc.

Scary how casually he did it.

I lived in NZ for 15 years & head over once or twice a year now.
Guns were / are not a part of everyday life, similar to Oz.

Edit - it shocked me to see police carrying guns here having been brought up in UK / NZ.

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