Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


Interesting. I suppose when there’s a will, there’s a way, unfortunately. I’m anti-gun, but I do think it’s appropriate that all police are armed.


Yeah, but it has become code for ‘here is a big empty bag of nothing’.
Not a big issue in the context of the day tho…


Yep, absolutely


I want to say something significant, to properly express my disbelief and anger that people believe that this sort of action is somehow… - it’s impossible to even try to express it.


It really isn’t dude.

It’s something to say at that immediate moment, in a certain amount of characters. The crime is so hideous, anything you say is going to sound underwhelming. It’s really hard to find something to say at that immediate moment.


Guardian reporting that NZ gun laws less stringent than here and that incidence of gun ownership higher, but guess the threshold issues in this case are access to military grade weapons and to bomb making materials.
Another issue could be the comparative extent of surveillance/ intelligence on extremist right groups


I only partially heard what happened on the news coming home from work.

■■■■■■ hell.


Really the gun laws there are only marginally better than the US. At least for long arms.

NZ gun shop:


They believe up to 40 dead in total so far.


40 dead. Unfathomable.


Its new Zealands Port Arthur.


and if the world wasn’t peddling this anti islam hysteria, this probably wouldn’t have happened.


Fraser Anning on Twitter.

I can’t even.


My thoughts and prayers are with the people in Christchurch and elsewhere effected by this tradgedy.

An appealing display of the darkest elements of human nature.

It should not be given voice.

The You Tubes and facebooks & other platforms need to be dealt with.

I appreciate the freedom the internet provides me. The voice it gives me. But I am rational… many are not.
What is the answer?


Change the fkn title Diggers. Not a time for gags

I’ve just heard this story. Unbelievable


Could well be the worst thing I’ve seen written on the internet.
And that’s saying something


That’s…effing unbelievable.


Wow. That is George Pell blaming gay people for killing themselves bad. 1000% horrid


Holy ■■■■. Surely that’s the end of him?


That’s perhaps the grossest thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet

I wish tarring and feathering was still a thing