Tesla just changed everything


The Big Battery made a lot of sense and fullfilled a more potent purpose in SA being at the end of the line (Grid).

Already kicked in and saved them tripping out into blackouts twice,


And of course Blitz threads never ever wander from how they started.

You have derailed quite a few yourself over the years.


Guilty as charged


Because they wern’t in a pile of poo politically, and the opportunity to shift the blame for any further blackouts didn’t arrive with a Musk tweet.

It is good that it worked and I believe it has worked to drive down peek power prices (the type that companies run expensive generators that probably run 3-4 days a year in total to capatalise on), but if you think innovative green power solutions were what drove the Government’s decision to implement it…


Yep, it’s a total tear down

To be honest News’s efforts to do this actually vindicate to me that assness aside he’s probably doing something really good overall


:roll_eyes: NotNews.com.au


News.com is probably one of Murdoch’s most insidious ventures in the news space.




Yep, for a genius he does some dumb ■■■■.

What I find quite perculiar though, as the evidence mounts that he behaves like a capitalist ahead of an environmentalist, why is it the conservatives are wanting to hang him out to dry?


Because Tesla’s are for soyboys


Because he behaves like a ■■■■?


They are capitalists and Elon is a business rival, who is trying to disrupt their industry and siphon off their market share.


It may have escaped your attention but Elon Musk is a capitalist.


No, I am aware of that


The blackouts caused by the closing down of coal fired power stations.


Ahhh, … No stupid.


All businessmen are capitalists, until they want a subsidy or a grant or a bailout


Yep. good ol’ USA free range Capos & their catch cry of let the free market rule , until they cheat working people out of Billions and lose everything,… except their own stash of course - then put their hands out for a Tax payer funded bail out and it’s all good suddenly to Socialise the Big Banks.

Carnts, every last one of them. Put twenty in a package deal, still not worth 2 knobs of goal shitt.


He did snub Trump.


Musk is another robber baron. True. The fossil fuel shitlords don’t like him for obvious reasons. He’s threatening to do what they’ve tried to prevent for years.