Tesla just changed everything


Yes, it is.
Musk is a tool in his own way. But at least along with his self-aggrandisement, he is pushing technological boundaries and helping take us past the entanglement and cycle of capitalist profit/speculation/power/politics toward inspirational elements. Even if he does employ semi-charlatan methods, he is at least raising the bar in some important areas - like renewable energy, and perhaps diverting a percentage of big corp profit that would otherwise go to further nest-feathering, into competing with his (at times half-baked) exploits. I don’t ‘revere’ him - but I do applaud his efforts - which for me, can stand apart from his shadier aspects.


If Jobs was as active on twitter he would have put his foot in it too.

And I think a lot of the Anti Musk sentiment can be attributed to the cult that has developed around him, and the toxic intentionally divisive media these days.


You work for Apple !!!

How about a discount ???


its all

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

how about


Tech people do, the average punter doesn’t


Jobs and Musk were/are horrible people that were good at their jobs and undeserving of unconditional praise.


Cocaine’s a helluva drug.


News Corp are hopping into him more than other outlets but, then, they’ve been putting out a dirt story on him ever since the big battery thing was in the pipe. Elon is just another robber baron. He’s trying to bring on an energy revolution and take all of the praise (and a lot of people’s money) but he served his purpose. He has driven things in the right direction. Now, his competitors are using his glaring faults against him. How much will it set back EVs amd battery power is what I’m interested in.


I’m suddenly picturing Elon as a real life Plastic Tolstoy, or Jurgen Thor, :smirk:


wat? Set back?


I went on the video and couldn’t find it (skimmed through in 20 secs) but it’s there. Search “Model X Reveal” and it’s in that video if you cbf watching the 25 mins (interesting vid IMO but…)

Here’s another random vid with the general idea


You have mentioned your mate a couple of times. I trust you implicitly as far as making something up about some random topic on Blitz so I don’t doubt your story, and if your mate is legit which I’m sure he is I don’t doubt he probably has little time for the company and the guy.

But - and I don’t mean this in a the insulting way it might sound - for every Kyle Reimers there is a Mark McVeigh. You’ll undoubtedly find countless people who cannot believe why people go within a bull’s roar of a company like Tesla, there’s obviously (as Ben pointed out with 2 of his mates) shitloads of people who love working for the company. I’ve read a shitload of stories to that effect and it’s reflected in the fact that a job at the place is pretty highly coveted for grad (and experienced) engineers. They get overworked and not paid that well for the 60/70/80 hr weeks they do, no doubt about that, but it’s pretty well understood by everyone as they walk in the door (and I don’t think that was your point anyway in fairness)


Hopefully, that’s not an extension cord.



Was talking to my Mum about getting battery/solar for the house and she asks how often you have to change the battery. As in: she thought you bought it like a duracell battery - full of power for a mere ~ $8k and powers your home for 8/9/10 years before you send away for a replacement. Genius


The same setbacks on anything the shitlords in the Heartland Institute and the IPA facilitate through News Corp controlling public opinion on things. It’s not going to stop anything. It’s just going to delay.


“Always back self interest, at least you know it’s trying”

I think he’s primarily driven, fwiw, not by money, but by ego

He had zillions and virtually nobody knew who he was.
Now he has zillions and one of the most recognisable names on the planet. Single handedly invented electricity, don’t you know. Single handedly got those kids out of the cave

That’s what drives the snark when any actual expert in his actual field calls him out. He can’t handle it.


All that’s true. There’s huge technical challenges tp be solved and a heap of people want and enjoy those challenges.

I just trust first hand info from a bloke I’ve known for almost 15 years over some happy clapper on twitter.




No, coz this thread was always meant to be about Tesla and specifically local scale renewable energy, you’re the one who turned it into a Musk hate fest


So why hasn’t any other state jumped on the Tesla battery facility idea?

Or have they, and Elon is just too busy calling people names to tweet about it?