Tesla just changed everything


Which is why all the other car company CEOs have been targetted too.

Cult of personality in full force.

$5B wiped off the market cap. All cos some 13 year old got stoned and started tweeting. What an idiot.


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they do, but the charge they’ve described is as I said.


Tesla’s stock price often goes up and down with what Musk tweets. He knows this. He tweeted some BS anyway - IMO more likely through stupidity than a nefarious plan - which sent the stock price up.

It’s a misleading financial statement, whatever the intention.

If that was disclosed through a journalist, or a press release rather than a tweet, would you have the same reservations?


A curse upon all speculation and stock markets.
And a pox on anyone who disagrees.
Or maybe a hex, I forget witch.


I don’t have reservations and I’m not defending him. To me he seems like someone who has some good basic ideas and is a truly great salesman, especially when the product he’s selling is himself, but doesn’t have the first idea of how to run a business, or at least not one like Tesla. I don’t know the story of his time at PayPal except that he made a fortune; Spacex seems to be run by its president (forgotten her name) and run very well. He doesn’t seem to have found someone who can make Tesla work properly, and he can’t make it work himself.

With the tweet, it seems like a stupid thing that he flung off without thinking about it and retracted as soon as he realised what he had done, but not in time to stop the consequent shareprice movements. He’ll pay the fine and he has to resign as Tesla chairman, but if that’s all there is it won’t bring him down.


Agree with all of that.

He is a brilliant guy, very very smart, originally a programmer. Just seems petulant, shonky, and not quite mature enough for the size of business he heads now.
I’m sure the removal as chairman hurts him more than the money.


Is that a deliberate pun?
Clever if it is…


You misjudge me, Sir.
I am but the local idiot.


With the standard of education in this country you have to ask the question.


Also it maybe that PayPal is an internet business while Tesla is manufacturing. Different kettles of fish.


But an honest one.


Related: Tesla Model 3 VIN Registrations Hit New Record
Read Also: Musk Says Tesla Model 3 Production Target Is 6,000 A Week By June
Just 17 days have passed, and now we see an even larger VIN registration, at 5,170. This puts the highest registered VIN number at 33,466.

1st Oct 2018


It seems the production pause is behind us and the Tesla Model 3 will continue to reach new milestones now for the foreseeable future.
Just a few weeks ago, we reported that Tesla has registered a record number of VINs with the NHTSA, at 4,793. You’d think that would be plenty for now when considering the recent production stoppage and the fact that the automaker seemed to be hovering around 2,500 or so units a week.

Interestly enough Bloomberg give the current production at 2001/week with a total production of 94,194.

Large discrepancy until you look at how the production numbers are calculated.

VIN’s are not necessarily actual cars produced but can be registered in anticipation of production.

Of course that would take someone who is rather flexible in their attitude towards numbers.

The graphs are also interesting to those who can read them.


My solar guy tells me, he has recently been on a tour of big solar factories in China. China are already making them, they are just not making them available in Australia, yet.

We have a couple of batteries which run short term off grid. Our system IS really working for us. In as much, it covers our bill but we had to pay for the system. Will we re-coup what we’ve spent? Eventually. We have two way system, power into grid, short term off grid with a small top up battery bank. Yesterday we put over 40 kw into the system, we didn’t use nearly half of that as daily use. Too expensive here yet to contemplate a full on battery bank which at this stage only have a ten year guarantee. The panels 25 years. A small generator at this stage maybe more complementary.

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We created plans for a big outside Coolgardie safe about 6ft by 6ft x 8ft. On the top, it has roof capable of water catchment plus guttering to catch its own rainwater, it runs down onto outside hessian and excess water ends up in more guttering on the ground. It pumps via a 12 volt bilge pump powered by a small solar panel, up to the top again. With a small tank and a sensor it could become self sufficient. It is almost a self containing system. It had internal shelves on three sides and meat can be hung in the centre. I gave the plan to friends of ours who live on a farm in Cowra. They could easily be self sufficient but aren’t quite. They could be off grid and turn off their 240V power off, they only need to include a battery bank into their system. They have set up their house and shed electricals to be that way at the flick of a switch.

Is going solar a good investment? I guess it depends on how you think. We think it is. Are we helping taking a load of the grid? I don’t really know but we like to think we are. We came from the land with a big off the grid system which completely ran three sperate houses. Do we miss it? We certainly don’t miss the work involved in maintaining a property but we do miss the solitude, the companionship of a small close knit community and being self sufficient. Staying on the farm was not an option as I fractured my lumbar spine in three places and neck in two places, in a car accident. The way we look at it, we would have had to leave eventually anyway. The accident paved the way for the decision to move closer to services sooner. We’ve found many people in suburbia have become so isolated, alienated and new and wonderful technology seems to have aided this way of being.

Edit. We just received our latest power bill for the whole of winter - $17.00 inc GST.


Haha, Simpson’s transformation complete.


Definitely the way to go.




Why is it lefties have no sense of humour?


Why are all righties luddites?


Dunno? I guess we’ll have to ask all those right-winged comedians.

You know, Dennis Miller…and … …oh and the Blue Collar dudes…Hilarious.


It is weird.
Kind of like how Americans can’t play golf.
I suspect we’ll never know why.