Tesla just changed everything


Hahahaha. Good one.


Yes, well getting back to the the thread topic, Tesla.

I had my first ride in one, in Shenzhen. It was very impressive, especially the huge acceleration it is capable of.


Funny how people see things differently. I’ve spent a bit of time in one and wasn’t overly impressed. Yes it’s capable of massive acceleration, but only in short bursts, the interior looks like it was designed by someone who does video games or smart phones, and the build quality is terrible. If it was a 25k car it would be acceptable, but for the money they charge I want more than a bit of modern gee whiz wrapped in 1980’s quality clothing.


I love Elon Musk and his companies.
Remarkable entreprenaur.

Just gives it. god bless him.

People assume we would have electric cars,autonomous drivinf now or battery storage would be mainstream.

Not without his work to challenge ‘normal’.


The S first went on the road in 2012, must be about one of the oldest models still being sold.



She’s gonna be there for a while.


12 in the top 20 in the world?
Are you talking amateurs?




This to go close for the group Darwin Award.

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