That's a funny Pronunciation

How do you all pronounce “beer”?

I pronounce it " Beer" but most around here at least pronounce it as “Bee-a”. I’ve noticed it with other words such as ear (ee-a), tear (tee-a). Beer, ear and tear are one syllable words are they not?

Are you asking when at this stage:


or at this stage:


Ha. No. It’s at anytime of day. Is it a WA peculiarity or am I getting it wrong?

I thought the only word Western Australians can pronounce is “Booooooooooo”.


We seem to pronounce it “Boo-ooo”

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I pronounce it ‘bourbon.’


Nothing like a quiet bee-ah before going to the fillums.

A ‘beer’ before a ‘moo’vee’ is quite nice.

Not just a WA thing. I’ve heard bee-a here in Victoria plenty of times.

My pet peeve at the moment is a certain weather presenter who constantly refers to the period before night as the e/ven/ing. Which means “to make things even”.

The word you are after is eve/ning. Two syllables. Stupid bint.

And don’t get me started on “police” versus “pleece”.




Anyone read Confederacy of Dunces? If not, a warning - you might laugh yourself unconscious.


When’s this thread going racist?

I’m not racist…but when I was in china they had this Beer called Reeb. I’ve got no idea how the pronounce it, but it’s marketing genius!!!

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2 beers in and I’m going all Mexican.

I’ll have areeba andalay andalay.

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One that I can’t handle is dissect.

It has two syllables:
Dis = apart
Sect = cut

(Not ‘di’ + ‘ssect’)

The ‘dis’ should be pronounced as it is in display, distance, disparate etc.

It’s not meant to rhyme with bisect.

Weird pedantry I know, but I’m right.


Unfortunately, you’re not.

Who said English is a phonetic language? And there’s a joke…spelling ‘phonetic’ that way.


At the Thee et er

It’s beer spelt backwards!!!

Genius. Chinese got mad marketing skills

In the Glenorchy footy clubrooms theres no syllables at all. Park the work bus , walk through the doors and bang, there it is , waiting on the bar.

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I remember when I was in a supermarket in San Diego and asked in my aussie accent if they sold beer. The guy had no idea what I was talking about. I then pronounced it with the thickest american accent I could do and he said ‘yeah aisle 4’

One for the Sandgropers. Derby. Most pronounce it as “Darby” rather then “Der-by” as they do in the west. When I lived over there I stuck to the normal (non-WA) way of saying it, much to their chagrin…