That's a funny Pronunciation


Strange way to pronounce ‘ar.sehole’


Once travelled through the US by buying an old Cadillac Eldorado ($1500, true story) with two mates. Went into the DMV to register it. Name has an ‘a’ in it. Yank wrote ‘i’ in response to my Aus accented ‘a’ three times until I pretended I was in Melrose Place and flattened it out into an American ‘a’…

One other weird thing is that cordial is not a thing in the US. In a supermarket spent ages asking people who looked at you like you might be a serial killer. Turns out they have something they call - hmm was it syrup or squash or something???


If you’d said “cerveza, por favor”, he’d have understood you.


yet say that in catalonia and they show you the toilet. ■■■■■■ know exactly what you are trying to ask for aswell


I’m suddenly thirsty


I only know “el baño”, “los aseos” and I think, “los servicios”.

They don’t like tourists in Barcelona, only the sweet euros they bring in.


Bee-ah is deffo a West Aussie thing. I crack up every time the long-haired general says it.


Mrs Dogs in from WA? You’ve got good taste.


A dialect is just a growing language.
Shut up, you farkin freaks.


Is it farkin or farken or maybe the heavy fuggen?


You know what, … I find I use both pronunciations, and I don’t think there’s any situation where I intinctively or naturally use one or the other.

It’s just either I need a bee ah. or I need a beer.

Fortunately, the end result is exactly the same every fkn time, … I get one.


As long as it’s not brewski, no harm done.


Shandy OK?


@Deckham says “bee-a”.


I say a few things in an odd way, though less these days then a while ago. I did all my schooling overseas, speaking a different language. I was also a very prolific reader from a very young age and so I learned most of my vocabulary from books, making up my own pronunciation. Later in life and using those words, I discovered I was quite wrong in many cases. Words like ‘chasm’ and ‘lethal’ - totally got those wrong.


I used to think that ‘seance’ rhymed with ‘Beyonce’.


How did you used to pronounce ‘chasm’?


Proper nouns are a mine field.


As long as it tastes like beer then it’s OK.



Anyone handing me some chocolate cherry with smoky caramel notes nonsense is at high risk of getting glassed. :smile: