That's a funny Pronunciation

Rural English?

- “garage”, which Britons are more likely to pronounce as “garridge”, over “garaarge”, which is universal in the US.


Interesting. In other words, I should blame my Yankee mates? Ha. p.s. It will always be adVERTisement. Always. :grin:

I grew up saying 'ad-VER-tiz-ment

Which is strange, given that you sound quite English. American teacher(s)?
British: adVERTisement.
American: advertISEment.

My pronounciation is all farked up. Doesn’t really follow any rules - or maybe I just change it as I go. I tend to do that.

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Ha, ha. Same.

Neither Canberra ones are correct. The clue is how damn cold the place is. It’s Can-brrr-a.


You’re all classless idiots.

It’s pronounced “showdown”.


Car hole.



Boat Shed. Car Shed. Wood Shed. Tool Shed. The Shed.

If ever said though, it’s Ga raj.

I reckon the yank way just sounds pretentious.

Our Coogee over here is pronounced Coo-gee, not that silly Coog-ee that is favoured over there.

The old man just said he’s brought a bottle of ‘pin annoyer.’
Just had to share.

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He could put that faux pax behind him by pouring you a glass.

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A bit off topic, but saw a poster on another footy forum bemoaning all the “pre-madonnas” in his team.


I’ve seen that on this forum. It’s a beauty!

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People from Newcastle, England, pronounce it either way. It doesn’t matter to them, so it shouldn’t matter to us.

Which brings me to another point; is it EEther, or EYEther…??

I’ve only heard them say CASS-el up in Geordie country.

And the other you can pronounce either way.

Eeeeey-ther as in 'wheeee!

Not as in ‘Ester’