That's a funny Pronunciation


‘ch’ as in the way it is normally pronounced.
But I do not say ‘bee-ah’. Unless I’m talking to a person who does. I tend to adjust my accent according to conditions :slight_smile:


Que? :thinking:

I would say it’s “normal” pronunciation is Kaz um.



I do the exact same thing for that word.

I did learn that it’s a sign of intelligence. Ignoring accents if a person mispronounces words like that, it’s a sign they were reading at a more advanced stage than their formal education.


My worst one is cumulative, it’s stuck in my head as ka mul tive. Allways slip up too.


Yep - and I used to pronounce it ‘ch-asm’ - ‘ch’ as in ‘church’


I enjoy mispronouncing issue.


Mrs Deck thinks I have a ‘posh’ accent’.
I’m just trying to impress her :wink:


hahahaha!!! Same :slight_smile:


That jerk with the annoying laugh on P.awn Stars always pronounces ‘cavalry’ as ‘calvary’.


I’ve actually upset/pizzed off a couple of people/friends over the years by instantly laughing when they say Nuke you lar, in that so wrong dumb Yank way, just automatically assuming they are taking the pizz, and then it turning out they had actually picked up the affliction through some means, and think it’s correct, therfore unintentionally humiliating/embarrassing them.

It’s happened 3 times now over the years. … :anguished:


That’s cause you’re an idjit.


A city I know in China has a beer called Deer Beer. You can only buy it by queuing up at the brewery. They do a great trade.


16 years ago (when I first arrived in Japan), I used to pronounce “often” as “off-ten”. Plenty of punters from o/s laughed. I now pronounce it the traditional way “offen”.


Well, yeah, sometimes, but not in these situations though I reckon, … it’s just pretty rare to hear an Aussie use that form, … and most times I’ve heard it, it would be a comedian or a shitt stirring mate taking the mickey out of Americans and their dumbness, so it’s been completely automatic and innocent.

Similar to that time I said to a mates wife I hadn’t seen for a while, but knew she was pregnant, and said, “Not long to go now then eh?”

“I had the baby 2 months ago!”, … now that was bad. B A D bad. :smile:


Which one of you is Andrew Peacock? Used to hate the way he said issue.


Sounds expensive…


Another one that Aussies usually confuse (not a pronunciation issue, but rather an incorrect word usage) is disorientated (as an adjective). Disorientate is a verb.

For example: ‘I felt disorientated while walking around Tokyo’. This is incorrect. The correct sentence is ‘I felt disoriented while walking around Tokyo’.


Wow, really??? Never knew that.


I say off’n but I accept oft’n simply because so many people say it that way.


Man. You’ve screwed that word up.