That's not very Punny (The Pun Thread)

I can’t believe this doesn’t exist yet but the goal of this game is to make creative and witty puns. That’s really it. However to keep out the confusion there will need to be some rules to this game. Here they are:

  1. the pun MUST be related to the theme presented. Example:

THEME: Physics

“I don’t think you understand the gravity of this thread”

If the pun does not relate to the theme, it does not count. (i guess you can’t really make a pun without a theme anyways :P)

  1. If after 2 days a pun has not been posted pertaining to the current theme, a new theme may be suggested. Themes can be suggested by anyone, but they must be suggested 2 days after the last pun of the previous theme was posted. if nobody objects to the theme suggestion, that theme is put into use.

New rules may be added to this list.

I’ll start:

The Theme is “Vegetables”

You know this thread is going to be hard to beet.

you deserve to be pun-ished.

how does this work again?

Setting up this thread has bean too long, so I am going to squash this thread.

Near, far, wherever you are I know that the pun will go on

how does this work again?


I don’t carrot all for this theme.

But lettuce proceed until this thread rockets to the top.

I thought sal’d block this. What use is saladin as a mod then?

knew it wouldn’t be long til we saw AN#10 turnip

This post needs a Rocket up it.

knew it wouldn't be long til we saw AN#10 turnip
Oh...that's swede of you to say so. My face has taken on a radish hue I'm blushing so much.

You all ca bagge ing in like you own the thread.

Thread title pretty accurate.

If I bring Kale Hooker into it, there might be “temptation” to digress.

Doesn’t work, pun tangents are only fun/worthwhile when they are organic, you can’t force these things.

It’s like the AFL trying to force their fan culture on GC/GWS, unlike say WSW, where the support grew through real fan passion. I think this thread should just be squashed.

So we can digress to herbs and other things that grow in your garden for the table. If not, you’re not a fun guy to be around. I’d be cressed-fallen if we can’t, and burn the place down, leaving only chard ruins behind.

I might just have to pepper you with a few others though and don’t tell me I cayenne’t.

You all ca bagge ing in like you own the thread.

Good gourd!

Thread title pretty accurate.

Feeling a bit Melon choly?

A dedicated pun thread?

Oh dear…

Turns out this thread is a bit corny.