The 2018 Benfti "in absentia" Hype thread


Dreamtime After Party here we come


Do we have any Tiwi island academy players who are good prospects yet?


All of them.


Fair go, there is only one Norm Smith medal per five hundred male Tiwi Islanders.

Which isn’t far off the number per current AFL players (0.37% vs 0.2%) - if you don’t count Hodge (like Hawthorn didn’t), then there is only Martin, Johannisen and Pendlebury still playing.


Is Robbie Campbell any chance for a rookie spot this year Ben? By all reports was going ok before the foot injury.


That ruck from Hawthorn who Mark Johnno tipped on his scone in the “line in the sand” game?


Ha ha! No. A 17 year old kid from the Tiwi who’s been going very nicely until a foot injury mid year.


You had me at Tiwi.


Are you sure he is from the Tiwi Islands?

There’s an article that talks of a Robbie Campbell from Katherine.


Yeah, on at least 3 clubs radars I’m aware of


I will add, there are 2 lads who I think should be academy eligible who fit the bill.

Next year eligible though.

Brayden Rioli and Jeff Simon, hope they aren’t both in.

Also as a draft age kid next year, Malcolm Rosas Jnr is electric and his u18 testing was staggering for his age. In Darwin so he is open to any club.


Haven’t heard of Simon before. What’s he like?

And is Darwin open to all clubs? Or just the ones with NT academies?


We getting minitippy?


Did I just read premiership?




Apologise if this has been answered, but can academy players play in the VFL or are they put into the tac system?


Sambono should have been taken last year.
What’s our chances?


Needs more time.




Bump for relevance re Adam Tippa