The 2018 Benfti "in absentia" Hype thread

Most sound like small forwards.

Sambonos highlights were good, he looks a little light.

Dominic grant sounds like a rookie option. High risk/reward

Another lovett type who has flair but is accountable sounds good.and would be another JAKE.

What club did dom barry support as a kid. Does he want to play at port adelaide because of their indigenous culture?

A few things.

  1. A big thanks for doing this, even though you are hard pressed, l fully appreciate the effort you have expended to do this.

  2. Like Albert, I consider this thread a highlight leading up to the draft, something to look forward to every year, in the fond hope that we will pick up a ‘benfti’ special. This year we have already skimmed the cream off the trade table, and our late draft pick, opens the door for one of these guys in a way that wasn’t so apparent in the past. Fingers crossed Dodoro, pulls the trigger on one or even two of these guys, and they do a Tippa!

  3. Like others l am excited by the prospect of Sambono in particular, and after all the other feel good stories that have come out of Essendon recently l can easily imagine him in our colours, blitzing one and all. I also like the sound of Dom Grant as well.

Thanks again, and cheers.


Taryce, Milera, Grant for me.

I love a guy with superior control of gravity.

Milera looks like he’ll move up the ground. Moves a bit like Wells, and looks like he kicks beautifully.

Grant is an interesting one, having been through the system and then apparently disappeared from calculations. You’d want to know a bit about his injuries, but otherwise sounds good.

I’ve watched a bunch of Sambono highlights and I didn’t see a transition-able skillset. Will watch again.

So going through AFL draft machine (if I see another cbus ad I will throw my computer out the window), and one who seems appropriate for this thread is Gordon Narrier. Looks to have elite acceleration, and a beautiful left boot. Do you have any thoughts on him? Obviously I’ve only seen the highlights on the AFL site, but his game looks like it would translate. He’s played 17 games of WAFL seniors this year as an 18yo (and he’s 187cm).

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just load up on benfti specials this year. need to take risks.

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I really like Narrier, narrowly missed out on the list in favour of Yarran and he was in due to my mates word really

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What about cody ninyette? He was mentioned in another thread earlier in the year… looks good and kicked 7 in a wafl game.

Based on the info provided I’d be after grant or patmore.

This is definitely the year to draft high risk high reward players


I’ve since watched a bunch more videos and remembered that I was looking at highlights. (and everyone looks a gun)

But still, Narrier 's highlights are great!!

Thanks for the scouting report Ben. I would be leaning toward Dominic Grant if it wasn’t for the multiple stress fractures in his feet - too great a risk especially when someone like Jake Patmore might be available. Would be happy with any of the other players mentioned.

Dom Grant though is first round talent quality.

I agree but at pick 48 would you pick Grant over Patmore?

No, I think Grant will be there later, but I’m definitely taking him providing Reidy and Crowy have checked him out and given him the green light for rehabable

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So white = safe and indigenous = risk?

If you want to read it that way.

I read it the way you wrote it.

Personally I hope (and expect) that the club actually deals with people on their individual merits.

I’m sure you did.

I want them all.

Bring them all in.


Really like the look of Milera’s disposal.

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Yeah he is quality