The 2018 Benfti "in absentia" Hype thread


I actually just jumped into the thread to ask the exact same question.

Narrier looks a beaut. Looks a player with elite acceleration and footskills who is really dangerous up forward. We need that kind of player.


I’m on the Patmore wagon.


Have you followed these guys since u nominated them in previous years?
Your write up for Frank sounds like he could be a handy developing forward. And well who wouldnt want another Tippa!!


Yeah but they both dropped off the radar a bit, Frank went to play in Queensland and actually had a good year in the AFL Cairns Comp, and is now playing as a KPD for Palerston this NTFL season. Which is good, Froggy and Flash will be good mentors for him.

Adam after a stint in the lions academy and a season last year being coached by Dean Rioli playing for Wanderers has moved back to Tiwi and has suited up for the bombers, will head south next season to play lower level.

He is still a jet though and I want us to put him in our NGA if we still can.

Just has poise.


Btw in order to help raise support for the Tiwi Bombers the offical site should start showing highlights and run match reports. They are a sister club, considering a few of the NGA kids will get a run through the squad through the year it would be great promotion.

They should also tell them to start up an interstate membership. I’d buy one

@Catherine_Lio @Paul_Cousins



There is a BUNCH of work going into the Tiwi Bombers at the moment. Our GM of academies and Community is now on the board and has been heading up there every few weeks to help reshape the club.

I’ll pass this on :slight_smile:


Awesome, a highlights package from the weekends games would go down a treat. They are always so much fun to watch


For those wondering AFLNT YouTube page do stream the TB games most weeks, so keep an eye on the fixture and you get to see games most weeks.

I hope a Munkara gets a look at the next level soon, Dion was one of my all time favourites and his younger brother Jack is looking good. Great Tiwi footy family.


I haven’t recovered yet from not getting our hands on Willie Rioli.

Sounds like Grant and Patmore fit our needs perfectly. Some might say now with Saad, Patmore not a need, but I think another player like him would be an amazing get for us.


Definitely the year to take a gamble on someone like Grant.

Just ease him through 2018 and set him up for the future.


Taught Adam in Brisbane three years ago wonderful kid, funny thing Also taught his mother many years ago in Darwin and also taught with his step father there! Very skilful footballer but he needs to get his head together, and hopefully Anthony could help with that!


All ideas gleefully received Ben, as Katie mentioned there’s a heap of work going into the club at the moment, looks like it’s heading in the right direction.


Yeah I read an article that he was playing under Dean Rioli.
Given he has played for Tiwi Bombers in the past, and has moved back to Tiwi, hopefully he can be included in our Academy.


Grant looks like the perfect player for us. Great size and build.


Was probably feeling a little flat that day.


Indeed, was probably under quite a bit of pressure.


I laughed at that like a silly school kid. Oops :smile:


legit thought Ben would have a Simmons vid in this thread :slight_smile:


Dante is more appropriate tbh


Thanks for the writeup Benfti.

Patmore at #48, Grant with our last pick and McCartin in the middle would be great. An injury riddled mid (so lots of upside if get right), a bottom ager tall eligible by 2 days, and a guy who can add more run through defence who really improved late in the year. All good disposal.