The 2022 Cricket Thread officially here (Part 3)

It’s a great day for Australia and it’s a great day for Victoria, a great day for the world.


Can’t wait I’ll be there tomorrow!!! Wishing for a Warner 100 and Boland 5 fa !!

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Common sense prevails.

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BCF are seething at all the unused flares that will returned for a refund :rofl:

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and what about after tea?


I’d prefer a Boland 100 and a Warner 5 runs


So is his mouth lol he is a ripper

Just the other way around…they bat first…Boland gets 5 (or more)…we get them all out and Warner smashes a quick ton before stumps :slight_smile:


its almost time

Australia win the toss and again stick Sth Africa in.

Boland time. No one else matters.

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Not sure there will be a hell of a lot in the surface, I think asking them to bat first is more psychological. Really try and go for the kill early.

PS: I’ve got tickets Day 3, so I’m hoping it’s not too one-sided!

elgar couldn’t believe we chose to bowl :sweat_smile:

I’m here at the G and it’s already warm……pitch looks brownish not as green as Brisbane……strange decision to bowl first


There’d be lucky to be 40K in there for the first ball. Top deck of the Ponsford just about empty…

Why does Warner have his kids out there?

Terribly disappointing crowd. sign of the times i guess

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100th test

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