The 2022 Cricket Thread officially here (Part 3)

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Healy takes a great catch, Perry with the first. England 1/11 off 4.

India comfortably beat England to win another u19 world cup.

Whilst we have been lauding Teague Wylie as a potential future Test Star (its clear short form cricket will not be where he makes his mark), South Africa have a future star in the making in Dewald Brevis. This was his tournament

  • 65 and 2/43 vs India
  • 104 and 2/18 vs Uganda
  • 96 and 0/13 vs Ireland
  • 97 and 2/40 vs England
  • 6 and 1/52 vs Sri Lanka
  • 138 and 0/34 vs Bangladesh

Shows how bad the Ashes was given we failed to fill an entire thread over the 5 tests.

Lanning with a late contender for catch of the summer


The success of womens cricket is because the standard is really good now. It doesn’t have the power or the pace of the mens game but the fundamentals at least with the best teams are really strong and good to watch.


Things I only just learned #573:

Australian cricketer Annabel Sutherland is the daughter of James and brother of Will.

She’s only 20 and looks to have a very good career ahead of her.

And aussie opener Rachel Haynes is the daughter of former Windies opener Desmond.

(Absolutely not true at all)


Fringe player Elyse Perry has decimated England with the ball. They must be getting sick of her.

Then hit her first two balls for 4.

Lanning bowled for a duck.

2/29 needing 130.

Healy has not had a good summer with the bat.

Mitchell Johnson goes ape.

Click, click.

Calling Cummins ‘gutless’ is pretty ■■■■■■■ ott & out of line if you ask me, from someone who talks a big game on the mental health of Cricketers too. These ex-players need to take a moment and check themselves. It’s not your era anymore, sit down old boys.


They all played with Langer as a teammate, not as someone with authority over them…and they know how intense he was.

It’d be interesting to see how he’d go if he gets the England gig. Maybe a short-term boost, but the same problems will beset him.

And I might be wrong…I don’t see the senior players wanting Bayliss necessarily…they just wanted Langer gone. The world has moved on from 20 years ago…martinets don’t have long-term success, except in the French Foreign Legion.

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Your hatred of Langer is OTT and unhinged. Maybe learn what respect is.


Herald Sun reporting today that the Australian bowlers were behind Langer being moved on. A bit rich considering these same blokes after bowling India out for under 40 in the 1st test v India last summer spent the rest of the series drinking their own bathwater and cost us the series. They became undroppable and 12 months later it still seems to be the case. For Cummins, Starc, Hazelwood and Lyon injury seems to be the only way they miss nowdays. They had about 130 overs to get the job done in Sydney and couldn’t close it out, had 100 overs in Brisbane and despite Pujaras stonewalling still couldn’t defend around 330 let alone bowl India out. If Langer gave them a few home truths who could blame him, I’d be disappointed if he didn’t tbh.

I’d just scrap the coaching role altogether. The players just need bowling, batting and fielding technical coaches, and admin support to manage logistics.

Langer’s intensity is through the roof. It’s no wonder he lost the support of the player. Repeatedly saying an Ashes whitewash is evidence of good coaching is laughable. England have a mediocre attack, and one Test quality bat.

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Hmmm…and who is going to organise all these assistants?..sounds a lot like some of the duties of “A Coach”

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the same bowlers who have been carrying the team for about 5/6 years outside of Steve Smith? They’ve earnt the right to be heard and have their say when they’ve got a ■■■■■■ boss who makes their work environment hell. And it ain’t just them, the younger Gen coming through don’t want much to do with him nor do the support staff. It’s pretty bad when you’ve half the touring party + staff walking on egg shells because they don’t want the boss to blow up at them. Imagine if your work place was like that for four years? It’s pretty telling that the only active player to date that has come out to date and publicly ‘thanks for everything JL’ was Joe Burns who had to play under him the least and even then still made note of his intensity and crazy looks. Very telling. Hope England sign him, that will go down like a wet fart. If you think our blokes are cup cakes they won’t last 6 months before committing mutiny under him.


“Having been away from home (in WA) since the first week of October, yesterday was a tumultuous day, and with quarantine restrictions now that I am back I am unable to do anything publicly at the moment, but I want people to know I am happy with my decision and proud of what I have achieved,”

“There has been a great deal of media speculation on my future as the Australian men’s cricket coach over the last 12 months and this has taken an enormous toll on my family. I hope through this time, and throughout my tenure, I have held myself with integrity and dignity,”

“Last night I was offered a short-term contract until the end of the T20 World Cup in Australia, with the sentiment of ‘going out on a high’. After careful consideration I have decided not to accept this contract renewal, and as a result I believe it is in everyone’s best interests for the Australian cricket team to begin the next chapter immediately.

“If media reports are correct, several senior players and a couple of support staff don’t support me moving forward, and it is now apparent the CA board, and you Nick, are also keen to see the team move in another direction. I respect that decision.”

“My life has been built on values of honesty, respect, trust, truth, and performance and if that comes across as ‘too intense’ at times, I apologise,” he wrote.

“It is said that in any venture, if you leave things in a better place than when you started then you have done your job.

“Whilst it is not up to me to judge, I hope Australians respect what has been achieved over the last four years in Australian cricket. From day one I believed it was possible to both win and play the game in the spirit that is now expected from our supporters.

“For the last four years it has been proven this can be achieved and I am very proud of the team for their efforts on and off the cricket field. I hope we have made Australians proud and earned respect from countries around the world.

“In terms of ‘going out on a high’, I am blessed to have been a part of a T20 World Cup-winning squad, an Ashes winning squad, watched the Test team rise to #1 ranked team in the world today, been selected as the Wisden Coach of the Year and been elevated to the Australian cricket Hall of Fame; all this in the last five months.

“I am grateful that today, I am going out on a high.

“Australian cricket means the world to me. It has since I was a kid, and I am grateful for the opportunity to play for, and coach our national team. I am thankful to the board for the opportunity, and I will take with me many cherished memories and friendships from the last four years.

“Hopefully a good job has been done and I wish the team every success for the future.”