The Cricket Thread (part 4) - from Boxing Day 2022

Continuing the discussion from The 2022 Cricket Thread officially here (Part 3) - #10018 by Crazy_Bomber.

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Surprised we’re batting first. Lets see.

Only expecting 60k. SA do not interest crowds I guess.

When they were #1 in the world they did. But they are not a big draw now, and this Aussie team is a bit on the nose as well with the general public. Ashes and India are the only big-ticket items left in Test cricket for us now that will guarantee an 80K crowd for Boxing Day…

So are we bowling first because we don’t want to be in the field tomorrow when it’s 37?

Could end up blowing up in our faces, pitch hardly looks a green seamer

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Dude’s got some pipes…

Ooops, old mate doesn’t know the words to the national anthem.

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Had the pleasure of listening to Raphael sing many times. Wonderful.

Tomorrow is going to be a good batting day, hopefully Australia is batting by then.

Will probably get cancelled at this rate…

Nice pace and carry from the first delivery.

Bit of movement too. And the second.

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Should have batted first.

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This is RSA’s best opportunity to take control of the match. Get through this first session no more than 2 down, with the heat today and tomorrow it should flatten out to be a great wicket to bat on. Far more pressure on us to justify the decision to stick them in.

Sure has but l have never been a fan of quivering/quavering voices, l find the constant changes in pitch a bit unnerving.

Wicket looks good ……very strange decision by Pat to bowl

Seems unusual to bowl first on Boxing Day test on what looks to be a flat wicket.

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Starc too wide

It’s wrong tactically, it’s wrong strategically, most of all it’s wrong psychologically. Despite SA’s fragile batting.


Dean Egghead surpassed his entire contribution in Brisbane in the first over.

Junior trying to find excuses for why the Aussies haven’t troubled anyone much yet. “Balls too hard”