The 2022 Cricket Thread officially here (Part 3)

Still reckon making them rewatch that last innings against England cooked him, particularly if it’s coming from the bowlers.
Not saying it’s right, but I am saying it’s very understandable.

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It’s a good resignation letter and he and his Management have played the PR game as good as a Damian Martyn cover drive, i’ll give him that. CA have set up the players to fail, they’ll go to Pakistan & India and lose, because its incredibly difficult to win there, as if Langer coaching them would make a difference (it won’t) it will be the home world cup and Test series that follows which will be the making of all this. Perform well across those and the public and media will instantly forget Langer ever coached the national side.

Particularly for Lyon, who redeemed himself the very next delivery nailing Stokes plumb in front, and if not for an incompetent umpire and incompetent reviewing from Paine would of gone down as the hero of that test match. Unnecessary to put him through that.

A team manager.

call it a cricket manager hey?

No they won’t. He took them from a broken test side to world number 1.


For mine he deserves a hell of a lot more credit for his T20 World Cup win than for than the ashes. The England test side and setup is rubbish, so a smacking was always on the cards. But he took a bog ordinary Aussie T20 side to the WC and they were crowned champions. That doesn’t happen if your not a very good coach

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Pretty much. Whether you agree with his methods of coaching or not, his record speaks for itself.

Imo he has deserved a hell of a lot more respect and class from the administration and his captain than he has been given.

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Well the issue with crediting Langer with that is he was strictly told to take a back seat by that point and the players credit the increased influence of McDonald & Di Venuto for the turnaround in form. Langers cards should of been marked and cancelled after losing two consecutive series at home against India and before that the bizarre selection changes for that fifth test against England dropping Starc for siddle and bringing in Mmarsh for the umpteenth time.

Lol, turn it up. We aren’t the best test side in the world, under Langer we’ve had our arses handed to us twice at home against India. If you truly believe that then you are sadly deluded. We’ve still got a lot of work to do and Langer isn’t the man to take us forward.

Well the issue you will find is that the players will get all the credit for winning that and they won it despite a crap coach but when they lost things it was all the coaches fault and had nothing to do with the players. That’s the narrative certain people are going to push because you cannot credit the coach for anything when your only position is to hate him.

Yeah, but at one point you were ranked number 1 in test cricket. And won a WC. The guy was clearly a very good coach

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We are the number 1 test side in the world, that’s official…whether you like it or not. Nothing to do with my opinion.

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Don’t waste your time trying to discuss Langer with him…the hatred runs strong and he has no ability to see an alternate point of view.


Don’t waste your time trying to discuss Langer with him…the hatred runs strong and he has no ability to see an alternate point of view.

(It’s like rinse and repeat)


Means nothing to the general public here, performing at home is the be all and end all, and those loses against India are on him.

Scott boland should be coach


Stick to music Nick Cave, the collective hard on you middle aged blokes have for Langer blinds you.

First correct thing said on this topic in months.

Ah, so last night it was a booze insult and now an age one.

So are you a little baby Gen X/Y’er or Millenial…no wonder your feelings get hurt so easily.

Here you go…wipe away those nasty tears