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NSW should be happy with McDonald. He is one of theirs, being an Albury boy.

He played a season of grade cricket in Sydney before coming down to Melbourne and establishing himself.

They should bring boof back.

He seemed to get on with all da boys.

He kept them on a loose leash, which they all seemed to like.

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CA met for eight bloody hours to come up with this disaster of a plan. JL resigned, but the incompetence which the board of CA has exhibited in this fiasco, means the should also resign. A bloody team of trained monkeys could do a better job, as in a much better job. No matter how JL was perceived by the players, he has been treated disgracefully by the board. Their 6 month offer is offensive, it is clear that they hated JL and this was the easiest way to get rid of him.

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I think you’re mixing Langer up with his mate Matty Hayden.

No it was a common bond between them.

Sounds like all Lngers friends are upset their friend has been fired


It’s good to know that someone’s got his back because clearly his employers couldn’t wait to shaft him.

And the players have to take their fair share of the blame as well…bl**dy prima donnas

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sandpaper-gate 2?

This exactly. Langer is being the drama queen throwing the toys out of the cot like usual and making this about himself, when clearly the players and staff want to move on and get on with Cricket. Clearly the environment improved when he was forced to take a back seat to McDonald and Di Venuto, and should only improve as the big angry baby isout of the picture altogether. Interesting how none of the criticism has come from those who have actually had to work with and play under the guy, just his buddies from his playing days and the old school dinosaurs.


Langer is just as bad, and his best mate is Alan Jones.

Just as bad? What does that even mean?

I suppose you wouldn’t think it’s appropriate that one day that Moeen Ali should be considered as a coaching candidate for England?


Your preoccupation with a guy having a mild interest at best in a particular faith is bizarre.

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It is really is amazing how much crap can be fitted into such a small post.

Langer’s main problem is that he cares too much for the Baggy Green and Australia’s standing in the game.

Cricket Australia get to say he resigned (you phrase that as throwing his toys out of the cot) because they didn’t have the balls to sack him which is what they clearly wanted to do.

So in effect, they’ve sacked the T20 World Cup and Ashes Winning Coach because a bunch of sooks couldn’t handle his style…which he has clearly refined over the past twelve months.

I doubt you will find a pair as straight shooting as Ricky Ponting and Steve Waugh…if you really think that they have commented as they have just because Langer is a former team mate, then your powers of deduction are sadly lacking.

Langer will be able to hold his head up high after this…I don’t think that CA Officials or the players and other support staff will be able to do the same.


Nah, Langers problems obviously go far beyond that, but keep cheerleading and deluding yourself into believing he’s the victim in all of this. So congrats for fitting even more crap into your post than I did mine. Ease off the grog and get some sleep champ, you clearly need it for posting that litany of garbage.

Nice factual response…what are your sources oh high and mighty one…your best mate’s sister’s manicurist?

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Oh no… Not champ…


I don’t think they give a ■■■■. It proves that the players are a bunch of spoilt little brats. Like I said many many years ago Australian cricket can go stick it!

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Pretty soft.


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