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I personally love T20 cricket and the big bash. But there is a place for it. Imo the shield should run up until a couple of days before Xmas. From boxing day onwards , they play big bash(but the season needs to be shorter and games more condensed. Each team should be playing every 3rd day. There is only 8 teams.

Everyone plays each other twice and then finals. Don’t drag out finals with playoffs etc. Top team goes straight to the GF and 2nd and 3rd face each other for the other spot. It should be done by the time kids go back to school


61 games last season…

And Perth have officially lost the 5th test


England Cricket would be absolutely ecstatic with that. The track least suited to them now out of play.


The WA government was suggesting the Test could go on. It simply required the players to fly here immediately after the 4th Test, go straight into quarantine for the five days before the Test, then quarantine/isolate during the match and then spend four days after the match in further quarantine. And they say the WA government is hard to deal with! Players are soft.

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Don’t blame the players. Blame the nutter setting an unattainable goal. Basically every border in the world will be open by the time the 5th test comes around. Covid zero is only a target for China and Western Australia.



I assumed he was being sarcastic.


Players refused to quarantine.
Families were not allowed to go at all and they made it impossible for media to get over there.
They fully deserved to lose it and if the idiots here don’t pull their heads in we will lose ours aswell


no chance in hell of this happening

Chris Lynn, either he hits a 100 or he gets out quickly. People used to to sometimes wonder why he didn’t represent Australia more, this is exactly why (and injuries).

I do love it when he is hitting them, but as a cricketer I think he is rubbish.

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That’s this format, though, surely?

*. I’m actually tuning into this match. I’m sure it’ll be one for the ages.

To a degree yes, but a bit of consistency also helps.

Wonder if Tasmania have still wasted the ink in their printer, what a right Royal twat

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Yep he’s definitely rubbish. Good hitting power but terrible technique. If there is any movement in the air or off the pitch he struggles big time

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Ch 9 stooge news were carrying on that Melbourne might host two tests now. Seriously, surely they’d give it to Tassie or Cairns?

Tasmania has offered to “buy” the test and Canberra interested aswell. Sydney and Melbourne would be CA’s two favourites but I really hope Hobart gets it. They get shunned far too much



In January, in Melbourne, Australia, the rain falls for 9.5 days
In January , in Canberra , the rain falls for 10.3 days .
In January, in Hobart, Australia, the rain falls for 13.2 days .

It’s on the internet so it must be true.

In January, in Cairns, the rain falls for 19.5 days.

In January, in Alice Springs, the rain falls for 4.9 days.

So it’s obvious: they should play the Fifth Test in the Alice.

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