The 2023 Draft Thread

Surprised this topic hasn’t been started yet. The last draft was a whole 48 hours ago!

The 2023 edition will feature such future superstars as:

Harley Reid
Nick Watson
Zane Duursma (Xavier’s little bro)
Archer Reid (Zac’s little bro)
Jed Walter (GC Academy)

…and many others that I’m not aware of at this stage.

Should be an exciting one!


Hawthorn must really be keen on Harley Reid! With their ins and outs vs North, they’d have to be almost spoon favourites wouldn’t they?

And man he looks a special player.


I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were tanking for him. The kid can seriously play.

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Would Archer Reid be a good fit for us as a key forward prospect @THE_DON1?

Normally l would say this thread is getting a little ahead of itself, but after the excitement generated by our selections this week, onwards and upwards!

I would urge Blitzers to DON1 a bit of a rest before the pile on with questions, and also read his answers the first time, so he doesn’t have to answer the same queries time and again.


Pass on watson

give me one of the Reid boys. Zachs brother would be good.

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If we get Watson we’ll all love him. If we don’t, we’ll all hate him. Guaranteed.

Will be interesting to see how clubs rate him given his sub 170 height, but he’s seriously good


Part of me wants us to draft Archer Reid just for Nino’s reaction. I’m sure he’d be stoked with us picking up another 200cm stick figure.

I assume that’s because we seem to have enough small forwards?

Height as a mid.
plus im happy with
Jayden Davey, Wanganeen, Menzie, walla as small forwards

need to see who works etc.

If could throw all chips in on Harley Reid would be great, but if one of Weideman/Voss/Baldwin/Jones dont massively improve we might need to use our early pick on a KPF. or even trade for one

Understandable. Watson is pretty special though, I reckon. He doesn’t look like he has much vertical growth left, but his skill set is really good. Watching the videos of the champs with no preconceptions, he was the guy that had me searching to find out more. Only to find out he was 168 or so.

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Also, just a quick reminder that 2023 is the year of STANLEY WAISTCOAT. The NT footballer with the name of a '70s sitcom butler.


Just when I thought SHADEAU BRAIN couldn’t be matched


eaarly draft threads are discussions, it only becomes a ■■■■ fest when the rest of the forum realises the draft exists, which is about september every year


Sadly, in recent years it’s more often been July…


Provisional 2023 draft standings, based on this year’s ladder

I can’t believe @THE_DON1 hasn’t posted in here yet. He just doesn’t care about us any more for some reason


I was a fan of pulling the trigger on a move that would give us three first rounders in this draft, even at the expense of Tsatas or Phillipou, as I thought it would have given us a great deal of flexibility in our approach in what is shaping as a strong draft crop.

If the top end talent of the draft is incredibly deep then you could use all your good picks at the draft, secondly if there’s a player in the first 2 or 3 selections that you rate off the charts then you could potentially bundle stuff together to trade up, or thirdly it could unlock the ability to bring in an established star via trade.

Anyhow, on the plus side at least we’ll enter the 2023 off season with our full suite of picks in tact (more or less).

2023 is the last year of good drafting for us imo.

We can start trading picks in 2024 & 2025.


Yep, there is an argument that you sacrifice one draft to build a cache of picks at the next one.

The next draft you use one of those picks to build a cache of picks at the next one. etc.

Why? Because often teams are willing to give up more in the next draft for a pick in the current draft. It’s like a compounding investment strategy with a risk based on where teams finish.