The 2023 Draft Thread

unless the next draft has a kid as dominant as harley reid, or nick watson

It’s a bit early to say who will even be available to us but Archer looks a strong prospect much like his brother in terms of draft range. Certainly more a key forward rather than defender.


Thanks. I’m of the view that unless Weideman has a break our season, we need to target the best key forward in next year’s draft

or Ben King

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It might depend on what picks we have aswell, it will be a very tough draft to pick as there are so many good prospects. You have to weight up the potential Very Good key position talent in Archer Reid and Dan Curtin vs the very real chance of an elite small forward in Nick Watson or elite Hodge style utility in Harley Reid


Also, of note:

Essendon NGA prospect Amin Naim will be eligible for selection in the '23 draft.

Don’t know much about him, but he has an anagram name, so that’s pretty cool.


The draft after this one is meant to be better as well.

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Which draft is Koby in? None of these drafts will be anything compared to that one.

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Weideman, Jones, Voss or Baldwin; if any of them have breakouts it significantly lessens the need to invest a high pick toward a 2nd KPF.

But, if Archer Reid does show something in the ruck as well as up forward then he’ll rightfully be at the top of our list, as we need a forward/ruck more than a 2MP foil.

It’s also worth considering that we may be looking at going a smaller forward line considering we can play two pure rucks now and we’ve found ourselves with a glut of quality small/medium forwards

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The draft where the AFL abolishes the father-son rule


Welcome to Essendon Zane Duursma

We won’t finish last. Hawthorn will get Harley Reid.

However, I am starting the Nick Watson Bandwagon now.


you monster


Which one is the short gun player? Is he still super short?

Nick Watson. Yeah sub 170cm or thereabouts.

Gee he must know how to flat out football if he is this highly rated at that height.


If we took the Melbourne deal we could have gotten Jefferson at 13, who i rated as equal to Cadman as the best tall forward in the draft (just lighter).

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I am endorsing @THE_DON1s Bandwagon.