The 2023 Draft Thread

What time is the draft tomorrow?

Must admit I was fuming we passed on Roberts the first time round


We should use foul and forbidden magics to steal the remaining years of his life and split it between David Attenborough and Anthony Green.

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I wasn’t too worried.
When Geelong passed on him, it was pretty obvious he wasn’t highly rated.
When we traded back in to the draft before Geelong’s next pick, I thought it was for Stevens.

Really didn’t think he’d drop that far.
Even though I had my reservations about him, thought he’d go somewhere in the 40s at least.

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Happy with our selections overall.

Caddy looks like he can go. Like the way he speaks too. Seems to have a streak of arrogance we could do with

Luol and roberts address the gaping hole we had off half back and are smart picks

We were maybe hamstrung by the lack of quality small forwards left by the time our second round pick came along. I’d imagine that would be a key area to address next year


I just felt he was a good fit for our list especially with ageing Heppell and hind

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Hopefully one out of the two will work out! Stopped clock theory

Is Isaac Kako from our academy looking like the premier small forward in next years crop? I wouldn’t say no to him in the first round if our pick is around the mark and he keeps tracking as he is.

You would hope by next draft you have a fair idea on Menzie and how Jayden is tracking.

nice to see both our picks were rated in the 20’s.
Dodoro picking sliding players rather than smokey’s.

he will likely be top 40, so no chance for academy we will have to draft him if he is worth it at our pick. Unless AFL relax NGA academy rules.

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Yep, understood.

I was more saying if he has a really good year and we have assessed out small fwd stocks as requiring more, I wouldn’t have an issue with just outright drafting him with our own pick. Obviously a fair bit to play out until then though!

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If he ends up being the best small forward in the under 18 comp then he is Rachelle/Watson level and would be top 10 so likely gone before our picks anyway.

Will we get Taha and Eyre as Cat B rookies today, no news on irish lads.
would be a shame to cut Munkara and have no one on the Cat B list.


Do you know this to be a fact or just guessing/assuming?

I would guess musing

other clubs have announced irish signings, we have not, remember Sos announcing a irish lad at saints on gettable.

Last year before the rookie draft afl announced what clubs had signed NGA Cat B players.

(If there is no Pre season draft this year)

That may well be true.

But in terms of specific players who really knows? Taha maybe. But did Eyre taper off somewhat after a good start to the year? I’m not sure.

When is the rookie draft?


There’s also a chance to the NGA rules where you can add a player from another clubs NGA if they don’t want them.

Leigh’s point is they would have saved trading a future 2nd rounder to make it happen!

Although I think it was Saints who wanted Phoenix that’s why GWS went him early.

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Just like when we picked Austin Lucy

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