The 2023 Draft Thread

Do you have Watson in that top 3?


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I’m sold. Commence operation Obtain the Wizard.


I’m not sure theres a world where blitz and 170cm top 3 midfielder can coexist.


is he your favourite?

He and Harley Reid are certainly right up there. I really like Duursma and Curtin aswell


Those four plus McKercher are tier 1 for me.

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Well… Harley is tier 1

The other 4 are tier 1.5

Funny way to spell Midfielder

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Utility is code for “we reckon he can play through the midfield.”

He legit can play anywhere (Not KPP/ruck obviously), will be best used as a small forward for mine though


what kind of players could we get at around pick 18


Where do we find the weekly stats, scores etc from the what’s it called now? Coates Talent League.

Guy from Cobden (cricket) told me they’re likely to have another draftee this year. Red-headed ruckman named Penry (?) playing at the Falcons.

Talking of Cobden, home of Sean Darcy, their seconds team on Saturday had seven players named in the bests. Six of them were named Darcy. Similar to their under-age cricket teams, I had a game where there were 4 Walshes (Sam’s their cousin). I was watching the Cobden Port Fairy game on Facebook the other day and turned it off when Cobden (the Bombers, wear Essendon jumpers) went about 20 up in the last quarter. Was surprised to see the Seagulls came back to tie. Cobden have been up near the top this year. They still have the odd Pekin running around.

My son was one of the few players in the league who could run with him in the midfield, with agility and fitness.
Watson smiled and jogged to goalsquare, told everyone else to clear out, as he proceeded to kick 5 on him in a quarter.

He can do it all, I’ve seen him jump on ruckmans shoulders, wouldn’t put it passed him to ruck aswell, he is a freak.


Caleb Daniel is small as well and has managed to carve out a decent career. There is no reason why young Watson can’t succeed.


isnt watson supppose to be top 2-3 talent tho, i dunno why we are worring about him

because short ■■■■■ slide.

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Because its enjoyable to discuss upcoming talent, and this is a draft watch thread.


yeh true, watson will do good at north or hawks

Until his name is called by another club he remains a possible draft target.

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