The Arizona Trip

But what does the Masthead have to say?


good chance of being the most unhinged thread on here in years

What number is Prismall wearing?


This concept has come up before. The same answer l gave then applies. It is their money and they are the ones to decide if it is a waste or not. Clearly, this trip is not about the cost, it is about building rapport with teammates as much as it is about training at altitude. There is a mental dimension that can’t be duplicated running upstairs and goes far beyond The Grampians or places similar.

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I was joking. I don’t actually think they should just do Coogee stairs.

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feels like ground hog day.

we did have a pretty good season in 2013 I guess, apart from the end and getting kicked out of finals part.


I just hope there’s no cupping, or what happens in Arizona stays in Arizona type moments.

think they’ll be fine, nothing happens in Arizona


Does this mean we’re a good football club again? We are back baby

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Good on the players for doing this. I think it shows that they want to be successful and are doing whatever they can to achieve it.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if some media scum head over there to spy on them.

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Where is all the articles coming from regarding Arizona?Is it being driven by the club, the players, or just the media looking for headlines while it’s quiet?

If it’s being pushed by the club (which they have done in the past, to build hype and drive membership sales), I’ll be pretty disappointed.

It’s time to quietly get to work, and stop pumping up our own tires for the upcoming season.

But it could be just the media running with it themselves…… which is just annoying.

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yep - I’d also prefer us to be all business and just keep the media release stuff factual - no need for embellishments.

As for the boys going to Arizona, good on them. At times, getting away from your workplace can be a positive. Besides the physical effects of high altitude training, there are the psychological benefits in saying you were proactive in making yourself better. Doing it as a group should strengthen the bonds and drive amongst the boys.

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Arizona is very close to Nevada…Vegas baby

Will they learn to tackle at this facility?


Baffles me that anyone would question this, they’re in their 20s, travelling is awesome and they’re training. Makes perfect sense and good on them for cracking in pre-pre season.


Baldwin is travelling over there with Langford and Menzie.


High altitude benefits have a limited time span - You need to do it for 3 week+ and then you will get a benefir for 4 or 6 weeks - It could help with their pre=season training up to XMAS and that will be it. I assume they must be training at Flagstaff which has an altitude of 2100 metres.

Is Percy Cerutty still running athletes up and down the Portsea sand dunes?

Guess not. He’d be 128 by now.


I can confirm I have done college at University of Arizona and that this statement is factually incorrect. Pray for the fellas.