The Beer Thread


I know the girl that came up with the idea… the whole thing had a very bad affect on her.


I’m sure it did. I feel for her. For all the hand wringing and virtue signalling, body stopped to consider the person at the centre of it. All for the signal, get that flag just a little higher, just higher than the next bloke.


Ballistic Oaked XPA.

Quite dry and very bitter. Not surprising when it’s 50 IBU. Not much else really stands out. A bit meh.


Pretty excited to have put down my 1st homebrewed stout on Saturday, and it’s a big one. Choc Mulberry Imperial Stout.

3.4kg Black Rock Light LME
2kg Generic Dry DME
500gm Caramalt
200gm Chocolate Malt
100gm Carafa 2
100gm Roasted Barley
50gm Black Malt
50gm Rolled Oats

Hop Schedule
25gm Magnum @ 60min
25gm Golding @ 20min
25gm Fuggles @ 20min

20gm Mangrove Jacks M42 New World Strong Ale Yeast pitched at ~22-24c. A touch warm but the best we could get it down to given the warm weather.

To be added at secondary
250gm Cacao Nibs and ~1kg washed frozen Mulberries

Boil was about 7L, brewing to 21L. Gravity was about 1097 aiming for ~1020-1025. Should come in around ~9.5% once bottled.

Not gonna lie, pretty excited about how this one might turn out, hope I haven’t ■■■■■■ it!


Christmas Day dessert sorted…


That sounds awesome. I look forward to hearing how it works out.


No one tell them about a certain wet cocktail


Canvent Day 15.
This was pretty good. Kinda NEIPA ish but a drier finish owing to the Lager yeast.


Didnt like to find out we have the most expensive beer on the planet!!!

(would have thought Singapore is pretty expensive)


Another good one. Blackman’s have used salt water from Bass Strait in the boil for this and it adds an element I quite like.


They did that with their Blackberry Gose too and it was magnificent. I just hope they didn’t get it from near Black Rock. :poop:


They’re over in Torquay so hopefully the aqua bogs didn’t get that far…


Is there a wine thread? Or is that more of a Melbourne FC thing?


Quite a few whine threads. Ba-dum-tish!


Righto beer lovers. Need some suggestions. I’m going to buy a slab of something for Xmas. I want something a bit different yet sessionable. I had Brooklyn Lager last year which I thoroughly enjoyed. If anyone suggests VB, Carlton Dry or TED I will block you!


Can you buy Cheeky Monkey’s West Coast IPA in Vic? If so, I recommend it.


Not exactly an unknown gem but Mornington Pales are cheap at the moment. I had em for the first time in about 2 years on the weekend and man they’re easy to put away.


Did a quick check at local sellers and all have it as unavailable. Will add it to the wishlist.


I don’t mind that but was hoping for something a little different.


I thought you might be. Other great beer i had on the weekend was Philter XPA. Only sits at 4.2% so it’s pretty easy going. Still interesting though. More boutique.