The Beer Thread


A slab? Who’s gonna be drinking it? If it’s non craft dudes you’ve gotta find middle ground, like Furphy or something.


I’ll be drinking. Stuff Furphy. That’s up there with the others I mentioned when it comes to flavour.


When I was in OZ this August, a mate of mine brought a slab of Furphy around to my parent’s joint. Said it was currently in vogue & an awesome drop. I had a slab of Little Creatures Pale Ale in the fridge, so we drank that instead. A few days later, I cracked open the Furphy and spat it out. I guess it must be me, coz I reckon it is rank. Overhyped crap for mine. Soz, Klawdy. I know it is a Geelong beer and also a Little Creatures drop.


Ha. You beat me by a sec, mate.


I like the James Squires Hop thief. Pretty summery. Bit of depth. Very fresh. Bout 55 a slab.


Furphy is like someone at CUB ran a competition to make something worse than Carlton Draught. It’s maybe the third or fourth worst beer I’ve ever had.


Thank fck someone agrees with me.


They wanted it to be the Carlton Draught equivalent of a pale ale, i think they succeeded. The price reflects the quality though. Not great.


Haha, hence the question of who might be drinking it. Drinkability over a slab? It’s gotta be light refreshing and nothing much to think about.


Cool. Not sure what it is like out of a can, but I really dug knocking back several pints of it at the Cheeky Monkey’s Brewery in Margs last year.


Hawkers Pils. But you’ve gotta like pils.


I reckon you can only make lager drinkable at that price. VB is OK, for what it is. I can even drink Draught.

Furphy has a real vomitty taste to it.


Crown Lager FTW :wink:


Home brew, so good when its costs next to nothing!


My missus loves her Pils (the beer kind :wink:), Jez-san. Is that a decent drop? Available on Rakuten?

p.s. BTW, that wasn’t a dig at you re: Furphy. You are the James Halliday of beer. Just an awful drop (even for the non-craft dudes).


Also, do you have a few recommendations for the festive season? I tend to buy beer by the sixer so i can try more.


Haha, I didn’t make it (Furphy) so I can’t take hate for it as a dig. I think it’s an almost nothing beer but it’s made fine and works for regular folk.
Hawkers is Melb so we can’t get it here. My fave pils here is Suntory Master’s Dream Muroka (unfiltered, white label). It’s spot on when fresh.


If you don’t want to get too crafty you can get these at Dans, I can recommend these:
For flavour
Bridge Rd - IPA

FOUR pines - IPA or maybe American Ale

For sessions
Trumer - Pils

Pilsner Urquel- Pils, but they changed the bottle and my brain tells me it’s not the same drop

Budějovický Budvar - the original Budweiser Lager.


And, after saying all that, I’d also be keen to hear about a few more quality beers to try.

Few of the decent craft beers either end up too exxy, or are too ‘out there’ to have in a session unless the group are up to it.


Some absolute quality there. Mrs. K and I went to the national ice hockey comp in Prague and it cost us $7 for 2 pints of Budvar and 2 hotdogs. I was in heaven.