The Best Xmas Cracker Joke for 2017

Q: What is E.T. short for?
A: Because he has little legs


Why do Giraffes have such long necks?

Coz’ their heads are so far away from their bodies.


Q: What do you call penguins wandering in the desert?

A: Lost.

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I’m thinking of reasons to move to Switzerland and the flag is a big plus.


Agreed. I’ve always thought their choice of flag was a positive sign.


If a blind woman tells you your ■■■■■ is big, then she’s probably just pulling your leg.


Why do elephants have big ears?

Because Noddy won’t pay the ransom.


How do you get a Horse high?
Use four bricks

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What motor bike does Santa ride?
A Holly Davison

Why are blacks tall?

Because their knee grows.



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Who’s selling those racist Christmas crackers? Surely a Twitter lynching is in order?

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Ho ho ho, it’s funny because it’s actually really really racist

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Hmmm, … this is one of those instances that has me pondering, “Is it though? Really?”

Or is it just a joke using the play on the words Negro, and their / they’re?

Perhaps it’s the use of the word “Blacks” that’s irksome, and it could be better phrased as African American?

There’s no disputing African American men are on average fairly tall, … and Negro is not a racist term or slur, … soooo ?? :thinking:

You’re way way overthinking it. It’s a joke where the word negro is the punchline. Its racist as fark


Negro not a racist slur? Really?

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Well,… that’s news. And kind of weird,… being that Negro is simply Black (acceptable) in Spanish, and not long ago was the preferred word of use (over that other “N” word) of the African American community itself. I was unaware it had fallen to PC.

Do all the people that speak Spanish have to find and use a new word now?

Merriam Webster says it;s now “Sometimes” offensive. Seems it’s still in the throes of debate?

Definition of Negro
plural Negroes
dated, now sometimes offensive
: a member of a race of humankind native to Africa and classified according to physical features (such as dark skin pigmentation)

Wonder what Fred Negro would make of it.

you guys are ruining christmas. stfu.


Film Noir would fall under the same classification, as would black comedy.