The Blitz Aliens Thread


Something for the holidays, Welcome to the blitz Aliens discussion thread.

Where do you stand on the “are we alone?” question.

here is a thread to put everything from phosphine found in the Venetian atmosphere, theoretical answers to the fermi paradox, to a galactic federation bases on Mars.

Let’s get wild.


In an infinite universe, it is infinitely likely that there is another intelligent race.

Infinity is a BIG place.


It is impossible that we are alone in terms of life in all of time, in all of the vast expanse of the universe.

But if the universe is not infinite…

We could go down some rabbit holes for sure.

I think it’s the ultimate human hubris to think we would be alone. Kind of “everything rotates around the earth” level stuff.


Ive been watching the show where this meme came from. Interesting but draws long bows.

It’s really just me…the rest of you are just figments of my overactive imagination


The Anunaki have come and gone.
And we are the result.


I think there are other life forms “out there”, the universe is big enough to allow it. The observable universe is limited for us humans to observe, ( of course), so who knows what’s further out. There could other types of life forms us humans haven’t even imagined yet.
Have aliens visited Earth? Not on evidence I’ve seen, but I sincerely hope they have and will do some day.

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Element 115 is a pretty interesting story.

If any thread will bring Vinnie back from exile it will be this one.


Didn’t sheedy have a theory about martians?


That show on Netflix called Ancient Aliens is hilarious, but it gets annoying with all the mind bending stupidity.

I think of it like this, thinking about this with the drake equation.

there are 10 Billion stars in the observable galaxy.

Now look at it like this, our star is just one of them. Now in our solar system consists of 8 planets, 4 of which are rocky planets, a couple of dwarf planet candidates, over 200 moons (we are still finding more now)

We can categorically say currently, as of now, life exists on one of these bodies, earth.

There are however, hopefully soon (within 5 years) to be confirmed that life took hold at one point on Mars, possibly Venus, and current possibility of life in the seas of Europa and Enceladus, some debate is still occurring around Titan and also Ganymede.

This time 20 years ago we assumed the only energy source in the life requirement was the sun, we will soon confirm that if life exists in any liquid environment that heat can also be tidal forces, shifting tectonics, etc.

so lets say in the next 10 years we confirm current life outside of earth in a few places on those moons. Then we can deduce that over the life of our solar system, life has occurred in 5-6 of the 210 celestial bodies.

That would then say that life, at the microbial level is plentiful.

Considering that for every star there is at least one planet (drake equation)there are billions of possibilities.

The real question is how often does it reach intelligence?


We’re all missing the biggest clue.

Human Technology and Inventions which have been reversed engineered from Alien discoveries.

The exponential rise of engineering and technology from the 60’s.

Its obvious, its right there for all to see, its all been covered up so well.


That’s pretty much my read on it.

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Q: What has three balls and comes from outer space?

A: ET, the extra testicle.


I tend to agree Ben. It doesn’t seem unlikely that we will find some kind of microbial life form in the near future.
I don’t think we will find/contact intelligent life in our lifetimes, but I feel it’s impossible to rule out finding it eventually…

One of the more accepted answers to the Fermi Paradox is that. Not specifically the Annunaki but that given the earth is billions of years old, and by galactic standards our sun is still quite young that we have probably been visited heaps of times, just not recently enough to have decent account of it (in the last 50,000 years)

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It depends on how quickly things advance I think.

I reckon we will have confirmed microbial life by mid this decade.

I think we will confirm life was once on Mars by the end of this decade.

We will know a hell of a lot more about our neighbouring systems when the James Webb telescope by the end of next year.

It’s a really exciting time in the search for life.

I don’t believe there is any other life forms or creatures out there.

I do however love the x files and good alien/ sci fi movies