The Blitzlow - Season 2019

It’s that time again!

Who will join such illustrious winners as @theDJR (2017) and the person who won in 2018 when I forgot to count up the votes?

It’s a 5 to 1 voting system people, with 5 votes being the highest. Honourable mentions are welcome but they don’t count for anything!

Vote early, vote often, vote for yourself with your alias account. Hell, vote for yourself with your regular account, I don’t care.

5 - @Sameolds2010
4 - @Preliminary_Point2
3 - @Klawdy
2 - @Paul_Peos
1 - @westozziebomber

Edit: Honourable mention (as in, person I definitely should have given votes to but completely forgot) - @scotty21

Can I just get clarification on whether @westozziebomber is still eligible and whether there is an expectation that we’ll continue to vote for him despite his eligibility or otherwise…


In honour of the late Robert Mugabe, why don’t you just name the winner?


The only rule is that there are no rules.

Apart from the number of votes. So ok, one rule I guess.

We’re like the AFL.

We don’t have a Fairest & Best award.

This event is rigged, I get into fights with half the forum!

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You’re in the bottom 20% of posters on this site but have a place in the Top 50 in my heart.


Your love for me is legendary, some say it rivals your love for FRANKLIN!

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5 votes @Crazy_Bomber

I got you bro


Serena even!!


You do know that I gave you 5 votes last year, right?

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-⅝ of fark all to Doe for the Walla stunt.


And we all know how much Diggers loves a thicc booty!

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I didn’t say all :wink:

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I feel that voting on this before trade period meltdowns is like voting on the Brownlow before the finals.



5 - @Paul_Peos
4 - @saladin
3- @Crazy_Bomber
2 - @SMJ
1 - @Lance84

These are the people I enjoy reading. Special mentions to @efc1robbo, @aboods Preliminary_Point2 and @Bomb_Doe


1 @Bomb_Doe
2 @scotty21
3 @Stallion
4 @Wanderlust
5 @Humble_Minion

Special mention @efc1robbo, @HirdMentality @IceTemple @DJR1 @Crazy_Bomber


5 @Bomb_Doe
4 @Lance84
3 @Heffsgirl
2 @Wanderlust
1 @HirdMentality

5 votes (and by some margin) to @Kira - this bloke dropped the greatest set and epic story in the history of DJ King (by far the greatest thread on Blitz - 72,000 posts and counting). I don’t think he even received a single no vote from memory. He cultivated his set over months (perhaps a year), wrote and produced music, lyrics, etc. Creative genius of the highest order and has given me constant nightmares ever since, trying to plot my way back to glory.

4 votes to @Klawdy - not only the funniest poster on Blitz, but one with razor sharp wit. An absolute legend. We disagree on Woosha, but he still gets the nod for mine for 4 votes.

3 votes to @mrjez - most underrated poster on Blitz. Mods - give the bloke one of those silly ‘elite’ tags, please. He deserves it. Super humble.

2 votes - tied between @smooth & @redbull - made the EPL super fun last campaign. Fellow Reds men. We shared the glory of winning the Champions League and the heartbreak of losing the EPL title by a solitary point.

1 vote - to all my homies in the DJ King thread. Losing my Dad to cancer in Feb this year rocked me hard, but all you blokes and ladies gave me enormous support. Many thanks.