The Comedy Thread


Get along to Karl Chandler’s show if you can. He’s a one-liner guy, but the premise of his show at the festival is he has another comic (usually a biggish name as he’s very well connected) in the audience with a mic for them to heckle him. I saw him on Friday night where Tom Gleeson was the “guest” - very fkn funny show from all involved.


Shows so far:

Max and Ivan 5/5 - outstanding premise, incredible execution. Get along, ask no questions, just go.
Mark Watson - 3.5/5 - very good but a bit safe for my tastes.
Toby Halligan - 4/5 - great up and coming Melbourne comic, get along.

Sam Simmons tomorrow, pumped.


Saw matt Okine. Thought he was good, good to support the local talent. Got a bit vulgar with couple of things but overall thought he was funny. Did a very funny part at the end, won’t say it yet until the festival is over.

I always go and see one major international at the festival and saw Ross Noble. Was very funny, as you would expect. I’m not usually a big fan of the ones who base most of their show around crowd interaction but this was done very well.


Saw Michael Che last night - 8/10 very good show. He looks a million times more at home on stage than he does reading off cue cards behind a desk. The show is pretty loose and laid back, but he certainly doesn’t shy away from some darker issues.


Off tonight and will watch a couple of shows.

Will certainly go see Dr Prof Neal Portenza as well as some show that takes the fancy


Probably too late now but was a very funny show.

If you have Netflix, avoid any of Ralphie May's 'Specials'. He's terrible.

It’s funny 'cause he’s fat… Except that’s not even funny.

Dave Attell has a ripper on netflix at the moment. It’s pretty filthy


If you have Netflix, avoid any of Ralphie May’s ‘Specials’. He’s terrible.


Also, for Buress fans, what’s your opnion on his show “Why? With Hannibal Buress”?


Went and saw Suren I think it’s Jayamanne? Melbourne kid doing his first show. (Very limited time slot and even more limited funds this year)

Not fantastic, the lack of experience showed a little bit. But some good ideas and not terrible by any means. First half cracked along, pretty funny. 2nd half not quite as good. Last bit, long story, and some jerk in the audience literally yells out the punchline at the crucial moment. Can’t necessarily blame the performer for that but he had absolutely nothing to come back with. I feel like seasoned guys wouldn’t let that stop them.


Very glad that Sam Simmons took out the Barry. I saw him last week and it was an incredible show.


Dylan Moran touring in July

So happy in the pants


John Oliver is coming at the end of august :slight_smile:


Noel Fielding at Hamer Hall last night. Very, very funny.


tickets booked for Dylan Moran in August

v fing excited


whoops thought this was the post match thread

whoops thought this was the post match thread

i don’t get it

I've gotta say, Moran's been my fave for many a year now, and I was spewing when I was back in Oz earlier the year to see posters for him and know I was gonna miss him again. Glad to hear he was great.

Caught him in Cairns a few weeks back and very, very funny. Did get a little hard to understand as he got drunker (was already half cut when came out) but one of the best comedy shows I’ve seen.


For Anthony Jeselnik fans, the Bret Easton Ellis podcast has a great interview with him that just got uploaded. Ellis talks way too much and takes forever to get to his points, which he’s prone to do, but there are good insights into Jeselnik’s formative years.


Went and saw Dylan Moran last night at the art centre. Probably my favourite comedian and watching some of his material earlier this year I feared his best was behind him.

He warmed up with his first block of local material and then proceeded with his witty humour navigating through migration, religion, over eating , relationships and family .

Bar a brief 5 minutes he had me in tears all show, was interested to see his crowd file out, huge scope in age.