The concert and gig thread


What’s Etihad/Marvel like as a concert venue, has anyone been for a show? Wifey and I are thinking of coming down for 'tallica/Slipknot if we can get tix…


It’s “OK” as far as any venue that size goes. IMO make sure you get tix on the ground (but I know other will disagree)


Saw Pearl Jam in 2009, it was awesome but I’m a 25 year Ten Club member so I was basically front row



I’m a Legacy Metallica Member and will be going, saw them 3 times at Rod Laver back in 2010


Slipknot are doing support gigs?


PJ are awesome in any venue.

Rad pics mate.


That’s about what I expected.

Thanks for the feedback, gang.


Saw them in Tokyo in ‘03 & have their bootleg CD of the concert. Amazing band live.


Fave band. Seen them on every tour since 1998, and only missed that show cos I was a broke ■■■ uni student and couldn’t afford it.

Slipknot are good live but the times I’ve seen Metallica its been a bit meh. They were festivals though so they might be better on an actual tour.


Much better on actual tour


My fav band as well. Sound incredible live.

I managed to see Metallica in the 80s at Festival Hall.


I’m guessing they’re @GiventoFly74 fave band too :wink:


Vedder is like the last man standing from that era (Cobain, Staley, Weiland, Cornell, etc).


When does the Pearl Jam are cool again thing start?
It’s been 25 years.


Wonder if John Safran will get a cameo with them at some point?


They were never not cool, my friend :grin:


Well, sure.
I know that.
But the quarter century is usually time for the revival.


Lets hope so. Mine must be just about due


Acid Mothers Temple played tonight, waited for years to see em
Holy ■■■■ Balls


Just back from Liz Phair at the Croxton. Couple of her albums absolutely definitive in the soundtrack to my life, but had never seen her live. Fantastic to finally see her play some of those songs.