The concert and gig thread


■■■■■■ sorry to have missed that, been so busy I didn’t even know.

Might have to hit up the Croc site today and get on their mail list. That will make it around 11 venues emailing me up to 3 times a week. Don’t s’pose anyone’s come across a single email out list to get on that covers everything in Melbourne have they?


Maybe see if Beat have one?


It’s a Good call, I looked a while back. They have the premium gig guide of course, but I couldn’t find a mail out list unfortunately.:frowning:

Would be the ideal.

Rang and asked them to do one years ago, … or send Beat down to a shop this way, even fkn mail me a copy each week and I’d pay!! Got no joy at all.

Just had another look, and gave them another call, Still no luck, but I signed up for their Newsletter, which will at least prompt to check out Upcoming tours each week … should work. :+1:


Got tix a while back for Mrs Wannabe and myself to see John Mayer in a couple of weeks time.

Was never a big fan as I thought he was “just a pop-singer” but since I’ve started getting back into playing guitar I’ve learnt he’s recognized is one of the best blues/rock guitarists going around, and after checking out some of his youtube stuff, I can see why.

So aside from the hits I’m looking forward to some really long jam/improv sessions from him, and I’m hoping he has a kick ■■■ band with him too.


He’s a great guitar player but geez his songs are pretty generic pop rubbish


Yeah, I wanna see stuff like this. Skip to the 4min mark, dude can play.


Saw Getaway Plan, Dream on Dreamer & Ocean Sleeper Saturday Night - very interesting music and well received by the punters!


Queen with Adam Lambert tickets on sale today for anyone with Telstra accounts!


Yeah what venue mate?


The Damned. The Croxton.

Tickets on sale Thursday.

Intrigued to go and check this one out.

Anyone seen them before?