The concert and gig thread

I love Big Star! Didn’t realise the other members had all passed away.

They are coming back to Melbourne this weekend.
“Those Pretty Wrongs”
The support act was very good too, plus they fill out the rest of the “Big Star band”. “Alex Hamilton and friends” They’re well worth catching up with in their own right.

  • Saturday, 12th August – Brunswick Ballroom, Melbourne
  • Sunday, 13th August – Memo Music Hall, Melbourne
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Thanks mate, may check them out.

Tickets for Sir Paul and Morrissey go on sale within 2 days of each other- just waiting on the Stones, Dylan and Nick Cave being named as supports

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Tickets for Macca, 600 bucks???

I’ve put on a limit of $150 so should be up in the familiar 2nd back row at Docklands- “it crosses our budget and unites us all”

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Mrs Tas looking at premium I reckon. She’s definitely not buying any tickets.

Ok, Northside representing.

Details are a little sketchy at the moment, but this could be a fun ‘street party’, and it’s free.


Just got tickets for the Cruel Sea - Honeymoon 30th anniversary tour.
I never got to see them in the 90s. Matt Walker is filling in for James Cruickshank (r.i.p.).
Looking forward to it.


La Dispute were incredible at The Forum on Sunday night. I saw them last time at the Northcote Social Club, but this show was one of their biggest ever and the sound was great.


I got tix too! Saw them a lot way back when. Matt walker will be a worthy fill in, he is from my home town and a great guitarist


Nostalgia ain’t got much more to give.

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They Might Be Giants tour has been delayed to 2024 due to band illness.

I was torn on whether to get tickets to this one. They haven’t released an interesting album for 20 years (each new one has basically been a re-tread of the previous one) and I’ve found them decidedly less riveting since they started playing with a full band. However, this time around they were to be playing Flood in its entirety which was somewhat more enticing.

The first time I saw them was in the very early 90’s, at the National Theatre in St Kilda on the original Flood tour. They were still playing as a two-piece to sequenced backing tracks. The final song of their main set became one big conga line as the audience followed them off the stage, through the auditorium out onto the street and back in again for the encore.


Descendents singer Milo had a mild heart attack in Europe a month or so back. He’s back at it now though and the tours to our part of the world are going ahead!

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Milo goes to hospital.


Take that back

Hopefully he makes it out here. Probably makes me get NOFX tickets now.

Surprised some of these guys are still alive, let alone bands still playing.

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Damn that Laneway Festival lineup is absolutely ass, or am I just getting old? I keep up to date with a lot of music today, but I barely know any acts at all.


Can’t remember the last time I had three gigs lined up:

Napalm Death - September
Paul - October
Quicksand - December