The concert and gig thread

Wow - it sounds great at the same time that it has disaster written all over it.

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Anything when they say ‘kids are welcome’ is bound to be a disaster for some people.

(I have kids and they won’t be coming)

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I Just recall how Hi-Vibes ended up.

The Tote has been officially saved.


Pretty heavy lineup for Getroit. The Cavemen will hopefully put on a couple of little sideshows.


Saw him last time, farkn mega! Seein him again, you cant pass up macca, the big cheese ball! Super pumped !

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Turned up to play unannounced after my mate’s jazz recital, now that was an intimate gig!


It’s good of Adalita and Badly Drawn Boy to take on this role…


Haven’t been to the Tote in a while, but Last Chance is pretty wild place to see a show. Holds about 80, plus it has a stupid pole just like The Corner.


Played heaps of gigs with Nursery Crimes back in the day. Mostly at the Barwon Club.

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■■■■! How did I miss this?

Hopefully some tix left.

So Napalm Death was great. Wouldn’t have minded a bit more variety across their history - but still fantastic. I have to agree that the Croxton isn’t a great sounding room, but not the worst.

Was pretty disappointed with Worm Rot. I saw them with Obituary and they kicked ass. This time not so much. Again, possibly the room. (Hi Fi is a great venue.)Their original singer might have had a fair bit more happening as well I think.


I’m taking my 11yo to Chemical Bros. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


They were good fun at the time, but those albums haven’t held up particularly well. Would still be good live I imagine.

Who sets ticket prices?

NOFX are playing 2 different shows over 2 nights.

Tickets for festival hall
Seated (yeah right) $130
Dance floor $220 FFS

Dance floor both nights is $250, which is where the value is.

Something called a ‘Bro package’ is $1,000 and includes some merch, getting a photo, with the band and drinks, but you can watch from the side of the stage. $1,500 for both nights I think.

But seriously, $1,000 to see a band? I’d rather go to 20 x $50 gigs.


Floor was $130. That sold out I guess.
A $220 package thing was also available with a floor ticket and something else awesome like a $5 poster!

Presumably the other venues had a different amount of seats versus floor.

At the beastie boys / helmet gig* bodies were flying, Norway they could stop people getting it or the dance floor.

It was 30 years ago, and no one wants to give themselves a hernia jumping into the pit

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Are you going? I don’t mind them, but they’re more on the periphery of my jam.

I did get mistaken for being in NOFX at the POW a long time ago. Sadly that would mean they thought I was Fat Mike. Ffs

Saw the price and thought fark that. Seen them enough times anyway.

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$250 for 2 nights. Got em straight away. Final tour. 2hours each night…probs gonna be great supports. Cant complain. Was $80 in 2009. So yeah $125 aint so bad.

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