The Defintion of Insanity - following the EFC

Yesterday’s game was so depressing not for the result, as painful as it was, but for the fact Hawthorn schooled Essendon YET AGAIN. Just like Collingwood. Just like Richmond.

Gee, 14 years without a finals win! There is something seriously wrong with the culture (mediocrity), coaching, development program and talent at the club. Essendon will point to the successful recruiting of the S’s and young players who “look the goods”. They’ll talk about interstate wins etc BUT the facts (wins/losses/ladder position) tell an all too familiar story.

  • How can a BIG, well resourced club be so poor for so long?
  • CEO calls for patience and tells supporters “success” in 2018 equals x, y & z. More corporate speak. More empty words reinforcing the notion this club don’t have the balls to make changes needed to be great again.
  • Supporters expect their team to be competitive / competing, yet for season no. 14 they’re once again left feeling numb, jaded at yet ANOTHER empty season.
  • And for comparison, Hawthorn - around 14 years ago - set about addressing their period of mediocrity with stunning results. Kennett. Clarkson. Uncompromising characters who DEMAND (at all costs) excellence.
  • Melbourne have been just as impressive in a shorter period of time that now sees them as a legitimate challenger.
  • Make no mistake, Essendon will continue to be entrenched in this malaise while “nice guys” remain at the helm.
  • Oh, there’s alway an EXCUSE why things turn out so bad yet the fact remains - Essendon are and have been for the last 14 years a very, very, very AVERAGE FOOTBALL TEAM.

Worsfold was the right guy to take Essendon out of the massive shadow cast by the SAGA. His best season was 2016 because he had the team super competitive (hadn’t seen that level of commitment from players for years). BUT it’s plain for all to see he’s not a very good game day coach. How some of the simplest of moves are either not made or made too late provides clear, unmistakable examples of a major failing which likely holds this team back from progressing (yes, delusional supporters can only dream).

Let’s see what steps the club take in the off season to turn things around.

  • AFL clubs had to declare publicly whether assistants will be required for 2019. We’ve heard from other clubs so it’s safe to assume EFC assistants will be at the club unless they decide to walk or are given new roles (note: once again Hawthorn haven’t sat on their hands with highly respected Ratten given the flick after 6 years, most likely for Mitchell).
  • Free agent/s?
  • Which off field person/s will X / Richardson bring to the club?
  • And how about developing a game plan that suits the list and / or individuals for that matter.

When will this (football) nightmare end!?


I like your post and agree with all your sentiments, unfortunately you are going to be howled down and abused to within an inch of your life by the happy clappers.


Essendon clap clap clap

We are essington
We are essingtkn

Something something something whiners something

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It will be interesting to see what Richardson does in the offseason. Neeld was a circuit breaker but surely he has more changes to make.

I think the 1st step is realising 1 thing - mediocrity means average or about the middle. This would mean actually winning a final every few years. We are not mediocre - we are below average. We can hold onto the dream that 2013 was going to be the great breakout & of course the few good wins in the last few weeks will have the dreamers appeased but the facts are we have been shitful for a long long time.

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Step 1- We admitted we were powerless over the AFL and our list is unmanagable.

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We could win the spoon, and those same ones will be saying that everything is fine.

Another awesome thread for the heroes to call the club soft again.


Pretty sure that’s allready happened, all of 2 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I can’t believe people are discussing the Essendon football club on a Essendon me

Don’t like the thread, dont click on it


If we don’t have a turnover of coaching staff (I’m talking 3 or 4) and bring in replacements with a record of success, then I will be a little bemused and not very confident of making any serious inroads into finals next year.

I agree, that this club seems to be a little too ‘nice’, we a need ruthless culture that demands success and isn’t shy about it, a club that is willing to fight for it - this starts from the top - President and CEO mustn’t baby the players by making excuses and definitely shouldn’t be apologising when justified criticism is leveled toward them.


There is no way we can go into next season with the same coaching set up.

Bring in Caracella


There’s the same “conversation” going in about 12 other open threads.


Didn’t assistant coaches have to be advised if they were going to replaced by August 1…


Yerp. But hey, … why not a bakers dozen??

I thought we had reached ‘peak Moan’ in 2010 but it seems that 2018 has set a new benchmark.


And it happens when our overall form for 3 months has been very solid.


I dunno, if so, it’s just another stupid AFL rule.

Possible, that it may not have been made public.