The Defintion of Insanity - following the EFC

I just wish a few who crack it every 5 minutes and promise they’re gunna stop following would follow through.

I reckon ATE chucked it in when we sacked Sheedy. Still fucken here.


I think it was the coaches association that pushed it.

Is peak moron when a Sydney supporter posts on a Essendon forum?


Had a couple of skill errors that resulted in scores to Hawthorn not occurred, would this thread even exist?


He’s has form in that area.

ssshhhh, it’s much easier to blame the club and coach than the actual players.

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No doubt, but why do you lay off your coaches before the season is finished, it would be weird being fired then have to front up to work for the next 2 months.

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Of course the thread wouldn’t exist if we had won, becuase our season would still be alive.

Thanks for the advice. But each time you create a new thread to whine and call the club names I think I will pop in and have my say. Be pretty boring for you lot if just got to complain all the time and agree with each other.


I thought it was Robinson and Dank who were unmanageable.

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Did people really think until only yesterday we were playing finals this year?


I understand the need to air grievances. Especially after 15 years of mediocrity. Many have articulated, better than me, the reasons for our malaise.

But how many threads do you need to call out the shitness? There comes a point where constant criticism of the club is a sign you should follow something else.


Is St Essington’s Day a bit like Festivus?


For the first half of the season, i had turned into a pessimistic Essendon supporter for the first time in my life. I’d had enough. I stopped watching our matches, because honestly I couldn’t deal with it any longer. I was calling for a complete overhaul of the coaching department, backroom staff, and even the volunteers who have been around for 40 years to be sacked. It looked like we had significant systemic cultural issues, which has carried through multiple eras of playing groups over the last 15 years.

If we were to take anything from this season, it was to create a run of form which we haven’t seen since 2000-2001. We did it. We are currently in the best form our club has seen in for 16 years.

  1. we have beaten bottom 4 teams.
  2. we have beaten teams outside of Victoria
  3. we overcame the hoodoo of North Melbourne and Sydney

This is a huge strive forward. Yesterday we played terribly. Yet we lost by 4 points and kicked 100 points. I think it’s fair too say we are a much better team than we were at the end of 2017.

2019 is the ultimate test. Supporters will expect this run of form to continue for the whole of 2019. If we go back to the old Essendon (Essington if you like), then sh*t will hit the fan.

It’s been too long. Results are expected now. EFC Supporters expectations are higher than ever. Its do or die imo.



Of course people want their side to do well but only the most hardened of malcontents would argue that Essendon haven’t made giant strides forward in the second half of this season. You can see what their preferred structures and style looks like and the personnel tweaks will continue for the rest of this season and into the trade period. Agreed, it’s been a while since the club has looked likely on field but they’re certainly headed in the right direction.


I can see a pole being wrapped in tinsel at an Essington wake.


But there was so little in it that even you would have to agree that this sadly predictable post match hyperventilation isn’t justified.