The Dog Thread

Lol. I’ve spent my whole life being distracted by dogs!


I think we all are.


I come on to this site at times. But I get too sad and cry. So so teary every time, for the little lost ones. . There will be a few of us at the rainbow bridge, I am constantly watching my little louie all the time. Lost other little doggies too close together, so now I am a bit nutso.


I’m with you, there.
I reckon these two will be my last furry friends. Can’t take losing them anymore.


I keep saying that, and after I lost Marshall was never getting another, but ■■■■ happens and we have Mzuri and I love him


Cripes, he’s got a long tongue…


Runs in the Family.


I am the opposite. Now l am back in Oz my aim is to have a dog. That will take a little while until we move into our own place. In the meantime l get to look after my wife’s boss dog. A funny little female Pomeranian. I am also going to start walking the next door neighbours’ Boxer. As much as l miss my last dog, l know that she would want me to honour her memory by looking after another dog. I don’t know what breed my next dog will be, but it will be a rescue, and probably a senior, that no one else wants. I might even get a couple.

The little dog here l care for has completely turned my wife’s opinion around regarding dogs. Coming from Sumatra she was scared of dogs as she was bitten on the face when she was just a kid. She now loves and dotes over this little one, whose name is Kuti. Kuti is now conditioned to the daily phone call from my wife to come and pick her up from work. She fairly dances in circles with excitement to go in the car. The same ceremony is repeated in the morning on the way to drop my wife off. On her days off we often take her with us on shopping expeditions and last week l took her for an extended stroll through the botanical gardens as l had to drop someone off there. l will try to post a short video of her.


A really heartwarming read @Captain_Jack


It has been 6 days since we got Coco. I was a bit nervous how everything would go because of the size difference between her and Rocky with Coco being 2.8kgs and Rocky around 25kgs. First night Rocky was obsessed with her but after that he has settled and is pretty kicked back and has accepted her into the family. She is more obsessed with him. She is a real character and is not scared and is always following Rocky around trying to play with him. She is a big Diva though😆. Will still be a bit of a journey for us over next few months but it has really given our house a bit of excitement.


They are both so beautiful :heart_eyes:


Jazz has his favourite place on the ute!!


Great seeing everyones doggos!


Took my dog, Ozzy, to meet the (then) future NSW Premier last year. I got talking to one of his staff whilst waiting for a chat, and he was a dog person, so we talked about Oz’s age and how often, and what distance we walk each day, etc. I told him when he was younger he’d sometimes come for a run with me and once ran 12 kms. Then on Minns’ Twitter page a couple of days later it somehow turned to this! They even got his age wrong, he was 10 at the time. I even got a DM from a concerned citizen to say that if I continue running him that far every day at his age, that I’d kill him soon. :smile:

PS the issue I wanted to talk to him about and an issue he said was very important to him, and that he would be working hard at, has been barely spoken about by him, let alone any action. I still hold out some hope, though!


for those that haven’t seen this yet:

(it also works for ‘cat’ :slight_smile: )


Not just cats and dogs, but many other animals as well. Just tried horse, sheep, cow and pig.

The pig one is very funny.


This is the little dog l look after, her name is Kuti. The frst picture is of her trying to get into my wife’s case, for our recent trip to Sumatra. She knew we were going away, and she didn’t want to be left behind.