The Dog Thread



Lol. That’s classic. :+1:



SEX: Male

AGE: 1 year

BREED: Mastiff cross

Enthusiastic, energetic and intelligent, Bear is suited to a mature household committed to his ongoing training.


SEX: Both female

AGE: 11 years and 8 months

BREED: Maltese Shih tzu cross

Best of buddies, needing a home together.


SEX: Female

AGE: 10 years and 1 month

BREED: Rottweiler

Gentle and affectionate. Would suit an only-dog household who will give her love.


SEX: Female

AGE: 8 months

BREED: Boxer cross

Full of puppy energy, needs a busy family and another dog.

(just a few pics). If I could I would bring them all home with me. When friends say they are looking a dog I usually say they should check animal shelters first.


Remember, a dog’s not just for christmas.

They’re delicious any time of year.


Whoooose a widdle bo bo


He’s not so little anymore (excuse the earthworks in the backdrop. Putting in some terraced garden beds)


Whose the other dog in the pic @Mex?


Looks like you were taking a loving photo of your favourite beer, but ■■■■■■ up the shot.


Big sister Bella


Was the most recent pic I had but was showing the beer at the end of a hard days digging


That’s your sister!

Hey Zeus!


He’s a big boy now! Looks a perfect place for a dog. Big sis is gorgeous - they are obviously comfortable with each other.


She is a cutie :slightly_smiling_face:


She obviously got the looks in the family


She’s very cute.


After previously deciding on a shiba-inu for my family (wife & 7-year-old son), I’ve changed my mind & am now considering a staffy.

A few mates have staffys back in OZ & I have always found them to be super-friendly during my visits. I welcome & appreciate any advice on staffys as a breed (from personal experience). Cheers in advance.


not big on any breed of Bull Terrier myself, . but if I had to choose, . it’d definitely be a Staffy.


Merry Christmas and geez I’m pis$ed off


One of my boys has Shiba Inus, the other an American Staffy.
Chalk & cheese, really. Totally opposite kind of dogs. The Staffy is a very family-orientated, friendly, at times boisterous, loyal dog. Generalising, of course. The Shibas are flighty, very intelligent, not very sociable but loyal to a select few, and almost resemble cats in many of their habits.


You will not be sorry if you get a Staffy, they are very loving and loyal and protective.

They HAVE to be another member of the family, they will not tolerate just being the dog in the family. :slightly_smiling_face:

They only have one coat so they don’t shed as much as other dogs, but because of this they feel the cold more. They like nothing better than just being with you. Although they love the whole family, they will know instinctively who is master of the household and that one will be their world.

Although both male or female are active and strong, female Staffy’s are bit more subdued, but that also comes down to the nature of the dog.

My current dog is a Staffy, she 17 years old and I love her dearly. She has cataracts and is partially deaf, has slowed down a lot, still loves her walks and knows when it’s time to go before I do. :slightly_smiling_face:

She came into my life when she was 7 years old, from a life where she wasn’t mistreated but she had never been loved. It took quite a while for her to learn that she was going to be loved in our household. Once she got this she settled in.

My previous dog was a female Staffy also, loved her dearly too, unfortunely she had a brain tumour and passed away😢 at 9 years of age.