The Dog Thread




Maybe a nut of some sort, still with the husk on and partially digested?

Afraid you’re just going to have to taste it and find out…


I posted the same picture to our Local REsidents site, and a multitude have told me that it is a seed from a Cocos Palm. Our next door neighbours have a shiteloadof Palms in their garden.

Now I have to find it if they are an issue for dogs.


My hound.


What a champ


He’s beautiful! What’s his name? (Patches :blush:)??


If that’s what they are then they are not really very dog friendly.


Needs one of these


I will take him to the Vet I think.


Her name is missy. She’s a kelpie x blue heeler x border collie. She’s got so much personality. Can sook it up bigtime, it’s hilarious


She’s gorgeous- with those genes I bet she’s clever too!


Look at that - what a best mate!


I watched a cat with a bell leap out of the bush it was lying in wait and ■■■■■■ a bird. The bell could be as loud as Big Ben and the cat would still have got the bird. The cat is way too fast. The only good cat is a dead cat, at least here in Australia.


Well that is absolutely ridiculous, you know, worthy of ridicule. The auto censure of S N A T CH is as stupid as.


We lived out of Town for a while on 5 acres of bush. We had two ctas who hunted birds, so we put big noisy bells around necks. I watched in amzement through the window as one of the cats silently stalked a bird, while holding the bell still with one paw !! It got within two metres and pounced and no more bird.

We still have two cats, but we have a large cat-park in the yard with a door into the house, so they are confined to this space. And I reckon if birds are stupid enough to fly into the cat park then they deserve what they get. Yep, some do and they don’t last very long.


That clever cat should have won a no bell prize.

EDIT: Had he upped the ante and snuck up on a chicken, he would also qualify for the pullet surprise.


Or at least an indoor cat. I’m on a local Facebook page and the amount t of lost cats I see is ridiculous. Keep your cat inside FFS


I used to be in a band called “Missing Cat”. You may have seen our posters.


WTF are cats doing on Facebook? They can’t even read.


Demons sponge mini footy = INSTABAN