The Dog Thread

Johnson & Johnson (after Jason and Mark.)


Tuckered out at the end of their first day.


Hirdy and Fletch.

Fetch Fletch😄


Lol. Now if I ever become a farmer and get a sheepdog I know what I’ll call it. “Herd the herd, Hirdy!”


When Bob the Builder was all the rage with the ankle biters, a child settled for calling the female pup Wendy (Bob’s helper) when he was told he couldn’t call the pup Bob.

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I like Fletch too.

Now to brain wash the kids from their chosen names to Cinder and Fletch!


Max and Mason? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yoshi gets some serious separation anxiety when Mrs. K. leaves the house.


I had a beautiful Irish Setter once and she would get the same look when Mrs Fox the First came home, as she knew no treats and outside in the dog house. I often joined her.


Haha. We’ve all been there BF. But I have a feeling you may have spent a bit more time than most.


Yeah. Times 4.


Loud chuckles at that one. :smiley: The puppies heads got me.

The music got me haha


Officially named them.

This one is Archie.


Our girl Coco has settled in real well at home but she is a pain in the ass when we take her out. She is constantly talking or yelping when we start her walk. The noise is a cross between Gizmo from the gremlins and the gremlins when they are fed after dark hahaha. I took her back inside yesterday and only took Rocky. I probably need to walk her more but even in the car she won’t stop. It’s like she is talking the whole time. I know it’s probably just excitement and she will eventually settled a bit. Anyone got any tips. We are going to get her fixed soon so maybe that will help. She is a beautiful and smart dog but geez you can hear her coming from a mile away😆


I’m working on the same thing with Ziggy.
Tried many things. What seems to be working over the last few weeks Sssshhhhhhhh
So, I make that noise (softly) whenever he gets rowdy, and stand still, my finger to my mouth. When he stops barking/yapping/panting, I start moving again. You need to be absolutely consistent. He is now staring to quieten down when I just put my finger to my lips.


Thanks mate. I will work on that. Everytime she does it while walking I stop her and tell her to stop. She does stop but starts up again. I will try the shooshing with the finger. I think your right and just need to be consistent with it. She was doing it everytime someone came home. She start going crazy and was really noisy. She has pretty much stopped that now except when we have visitors over she might get a little excited.

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Our Malamute does that at the start of all walks for first 500 meters or so.

She is 6, a well trained therapy dog and has been fixed.

Went to a good dog trainer who put her in a Halti and told us to do a few laps of the driveway , not perfect but she is much calmer. Our Vet suggested drugs which was declined.

It is either excitement or anxiety , but the more we walk the better it is and we vary the walking routes.


My 2 boys having a nap on the couch after a long day.