The Dog Thread

Rocky looks dog tired.


Any progress with the barking?

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She has been a little better last couple of walks. I think it’s the excitement of going for a walk so the more we walk her hopefully she will get used to it. She was doing the same in the car so I took her with me every day to drop my son off at school in the mornings. The more I take her the quieter she seems to be getting. I’m also shooshing her as well.


One of our dogs has been taking things from the kids rooms and tearing it up usually cards, books anything like that. Today it was a sticker pack. I came out of the room this morning to this. Was wondering if anyone can tell who the guilty party is. You don’t need to be a detective for this one hahaha.


It looks like Rocky stuck them on Coco :laughing:



How good is this video.


hanging out with Flossie and Gus again. They had a pupcup at the dog park this morning, and enjoyed it immensely!


Adorable !!! Pup cups :ok_hand::ok_hand:



Since I’ve been doing my long daily walks around the local streets, I’m amazed at the number of barkers’ eggs I’ve had to dodge around.

There are either many dogs roaming free (haven’t seen any) or a lot of owners can’t be bothered/just don’t care about picking up after their pooches. I fear it’s the latter.


Is my computer reading what I post on Blitz?


A few times I’ve seen dogs imitating the Qantas roo as I drive past. The owners stand with a poo bag in their hand and watch as the cars go by. Look in the mirror and see them put the bag away and walk off leaving it on the nature strip.

Our little friends Slinky came to us in feb as a foster pup, he was found alone in an outback community.
Slinky grew to trust us, revealing he had an infectious little personality, very cheeky and sassy!

Yesterday my wife and I got to send the little legend on his 1st ever plane ride, to start his new life in southern WA with a new family.
This was our 8th successful foster dog, and it’s still a hugely rewarding experience.

If you don’t have the time to commit full time to a pooch, please consider lending a hand to shelter dogs and organisations such as Safe or similar groups. There’s many great dogs that need and deserve a chance, as well as brightening up your life


Very startled person suddenly appears at the edge of a footy oval, a mobile phone in one hand, a sandwich in the other.

“Wha….” They glance around frantically
Before them a shortish, skinnyish, dapperish gentleman sporting a leather-elbowed jacket, slacks and a jauntily angled and feathered hat.

“Hey there”!
Gentleman smiles a toothy sharp smile.

“What did…how am I here…who the ■■■■ are you…???” stammers the apparent lunch-breaker.

“You don’t know me…but I’m pretty sure we have a few more appointments to get through over the next few days. Anyway – I’m…. DogShit God. The masses have asked for me, and here I am, doing my dogshit duties. That, right there (points to grassy patch and pile of rather large and sodden dogshit) is Poppy’s dogshit. Your Poppy’s dogshit. You, are going to dispose of that dogshit in the proper manner. You have 20 minutes. Failure to do so will result in you re-appearing in the vicinity of Poppy’s dogshit. This will go on forever, until your job is done. All clear?”

“ Wait – that’s not my dogshit…and if it was ■■■■ you…you can’t make me do anything…I’m going…”

“Be my guest”, sighs the dapper gentleman Dogshit God. "But it won’t help you…… 18 minutes”

“But I don’t have a poo-bag!” wails Poppy’s owner

DogShit God smiles. “Well, that may be a bit uncomfortable for you, I’m sure. Oh – there’s a bin about 3 minutes thataway” points vaguely in the direction of a footy clubhouse. No need to thank me. And….I must be off. Have an extremely busy schedule today – 16 minutes.”

“I don’t believe in Gods!” screams unfortunate Poppy’s owner, tearing up. “I was about to go into a meeting! How do I get back???”

“Salient question – but I’m afraid that’s your problem. And it will be your problem every single time you decide to leave dogshit in places where good people walk and children play. Oh, and one other thing – take care when Poppy goes on the beach. Because if you think this is bad, you don’t want to personally find out what happens when dogshit gets washed into the sea….cheerio! – and say hello to my good friend Wayward Garbage God when you see them!”

DogShit God disappears


Wowee!! Deckham goes postal with some pertinent advice for all poo(ch) owners.