The Dog Thread


Same. Remember our earlier thread discussion, Decks? Ha. Two boys & a girl over the journey. My fav breed. Simply impossible, given my current circumstances. One day (soon I hope), I’ll buy some land in Nagano or elsewhere & get a GS again. Da best.


Same - 2 boys and a girl :slight_smile:
I forget conversations hahahah (not everyone keeps a dossier :wink: )




My brother just bought a cocker spaniel. Not sure if it’s dumb, but it sure looks it!


Some dogs may be dumb, but all are smarter than their owners.


My first childhood dog, Penny, remembered fondly. What times we had together, adventuring!
Thanks, Penny xxx


We had 2 when I was a kid, … Tina & Trudy, … sedate loving pooches.

Sharing too, … used to let me go 1 for 1 with them on the Dog Chow, … :smile:


I had a cocker growing up, wouldn’t say they are dumb, my girl would have given Houdini a run for his money. If your brother’s dog is from a working line, good luck to him, it’s like trying to teach a kid with ADHD who’s just had a pint of red cordial.


Hahaha…same, man!
I have a photo somewhere of me & Penny eating from the same bowl hehehehe

Edit: here’s Penny :slight_smile:


Had one too, and had it put down in front of me.
Quite simply the worst moment of my life.


Took the dogs to the beach today. Not at all interested, would rather stay in bed


Anyone else have a super anxious dog? Do thunder shirts or the like work? One of dogs keeps going at the fence at the slightest thunder/firework etc. Also hates brooms/vacuums/power tools everything! We’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old so he’s never been abused and his brother is all honey badger (i.e. don’t give a ■■■■) about everything.

We’ve been managing it okay but recently he’s started going at the fence and has got out a couple of times. Luckily he is also a rule follower so stays in the front yard when he gets out. Any one else dealt with this successfully?


Took “the lads” to Safety Beach dog beach the other day. What a great little beach. They loved it.


Thunders Jackets are fantastic.

We had a Malamute years ago that just went to pieces at thunder or fireworks, then we got a border collie who was worse and both would just sit on top of me when the noise started.

Found Thunder Jackets before one New Years Eve ( fireworks, legal and illegal are big in the Marsh), and the results were amazing. Dogs were still affected, but were relaxed and not fretful.

We now have another Malamute who could sit through anything without a whimper, but our Labrador is very anxious, until we whip on the Thunder Jacket !


Next question, can they easily be ripped off by another dog? Our boys (Kelpies/Border Collies) don’t wear collars because we were losing one every day…


they sound like my dog. back to thunder though mine got a bit aggitated the last storm yet has been through plenty


They do strap up tight, that is the way they work and it was take a lot to rip them off. if they are put on properly there is nothing much to hold on to.

You only usually put them on the dog before the thunderstorm or fireworks and take them off later. Look on the Thunder Jacket site about leaving them on all day. We hardly ever leave our dogs alone.


If I know there is going to be a thunderstorm/fireworks, I make sure my walk in wardrobe door is open, that’s my dog’s safe place. Perhaps if you can think on where a safe place could be in your home, it could be worth a try (if not go with @Bacchusfox suggestion.

(my previous girl used to go to the wardrobe (was her safe place too) when I would watch the Bomber’s, she didn’t like the person/me when I was watching us play :grinning:)

If I sweep/vacuum I put my girl outside (she doesn’t like them either) then let her back in when I have finished, don’t know re power tools.

Re the fence, there maybe something there on the other side (a cat, possum, lizard etc) that’s making your dog go the fence. Perhaps have a look and see what could be the attraction for your dog, (but you have probably done that).


He has a safe place under the coffee table inside, but they’re not inside overnight or when we’re not home (his brother goes under the deck but George won’t).

The fence he’s going for is the gate and only ever when thunder or fireworks or other loud noises so it’s not something else. The gate thing only started a few weeks ago, it’s an old gate so will be replaced but no-one is working this time of year. He’s such a rule follower (unlike his brother Berk!) So it’s particularly weird he’s trying to get out.

He also has pancreatic insufficiency and needs meds to digest his food so literally wouldn’t survive if he got out. We think this sent him into anxiety as he was fine before this, and has no history of abuse.


Crate training is often useful for canine anxiety, can be hard to train older dogs though.

My old Cocker had a tradition of climbing a 7 foot fence to celebrate the new year, she eventually went deaf which solved that problem quite well though