The Dog Thread


My parents have an old anxious dog and going deaf also solved her problems (they had to give her valium on New Year’s)


Oh OK, sorry don’t know then @megz, perhaps ask your vet they may give a few suggestions.


Got a thunderstorm yesterday. Visibly more relaxed, we’ll see how he goes at midnight.


Good luck… hope you can keep her in while it all passes. Not a nice night for animals.


Can hear all the dogs in the neighbourhood going nuts. Poor things


Introducing our newest family member, Zac (named after Zachary Merrett). A 12-week-old red Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


Awwww he’s super cute.

Is that your son? He’s also super cute. Dogs teach kids so much. You’ve made a wonderful choice.


Thanks kindly, Darli.

Yes, I now have two teething family members, although my son hasn’t destroyed my fav jeans, jacket, my wife’s fav slippers, multiple furniture items, etc within the past 48 hours. :wink:

I’m sure they’ll grow up to be the best of mates. Cheers & HNY.


You get that destruction from leaving a puppy alone in the house.

Your son will top it when you leave him at 16 alone in the house.


Have been with Zac for the past 48 hours straight, dude. Teething, so chewing everything in sight. The chew toys have helped, along with a tea towel, but he wants to munch on everything. Fun n’ games have started.

Never a truer word spoken. At 7, he already has two GFs. May call on your services (to set up a broken heart compo fund) in the future. HNY. :wink:


LOL my Springer puppy was never left alone but still managed to chew one of every pair of expensive shoes I had while leaving the cheapies unscathed.


He’s gorgeous, so is your son. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very happy for you, might nearly be time to think about that bowling ball @JohnRain. :smiley:


Yours too, why oh why is it always the expensive ones.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::slightly_smiling_face:


Definite convert to the Thundershirt!

Non anxious puppy was more worked up (but if you did to know him you wouldn’t be able to tell)


Thanks kindly, ME, & I fully appreciate the bowling ball gag now. :laughing:


You puppy & son are gorgeous! Puppies love to chew until those new teeth come through… some more than others… our labradors chewed through shoes, hoses - one even ate his way into a tin of dog food!!(wish I’d kept the photo!) He could also open the fridge & help himself :blush: . Our Dobe was a sock swallower (fortunately all reappeared a little worse for wear!) Had to be vigilant about putting them in the washing basket (with lid) or they’d be gone by the time you turned around!!
Back to Zac (good name - our Dobe’s also) I wish you years of happiness, love and laughs together.


Thanks kindly, L&P.

That’s hectic! I’m fast learning to watch what items are left on the floor/accessible.

Nice coincidence. Many thanks again for your kind words. Looking forward to taking him camping with us near the base of Mt. Fuji (a fam tradition) around Easter.


Sounds like a good plan and a beautiful place to holiday.
Our lab that ate into the tin had taken it from the bottom of the pantry & chewed into the side of it until he could access the ‘food’ (loose term for tinned dog food!) When we found him there was lots of blood & a tin that looked a bit like a great white had been at it. The vet was astounded. Fortunately he was ok. We kept the tin for some time to show amazed friends and family. Same dog would also raid the Christmas presents looking for squeaky toys or anything in the shape of a ball. We used to have to put the doggie presents up out of reach. :joy:




Old bullie we had ate a 2kg bag of granny smiths off the front porch once. Mum thought she forgot them at the shop, until the bag started re-appearing, bit by shredded bit…
The fat bugger (the dog, not mum) also once ate a box of 12 mars bars, including box.

Astoundingly stupid animal he was. Absolutely gorgeous, beautiful placid nature, but thick as a brick. Used to get trapped in corners.
Still miss him, 16 years on.