The Dog Thread


Fantastic! Good on you. He’s/she’s gorgeous. Certainly looks like an athlete!
What is his/her name?


Her name is Maxie. Definitely going to need a lot of exercise although tuckered out now.


Here is one of mine from the weekend she must be at least 16, was rescued from the RSPCA around 12 years ago, then found she was rescued from a puppy farm and landed in a dog treat business house.
Now resides with me and Hurley


She’s beautiful- lovely to hear that she’s had 12 wonderful years. She looks great for her age!!


It’s been almost a year now since we lost Floyd and our other dog Molly is just a shadow of her old self. No real zest for life. We were watching home vids the other night and when footage of Floyd came on, she started whimpering. Anyway - took her to the beach last night but she was just kinda lost. Feels like she is just biding her time now. Not sure what to do.


How old is Molly?

Perhaps there’s an older dog who could brighten her life just waiting for a chance. They do love a friend.


She’s twelve. Has only ever known life with Floyd.


Do you have any dog parks nearby. Perhaps a few outings would be good for her. She will get to meet other dogs and you will be able to gauge if perhaps she needs another companion.


I’d give it a try. Most dogs homes have reduced fees for older dogs and you can take her along to meet any prospective new friends to gauge her reaction.


If you’d like another dog then I think it would be great for Molly - especially if she’s home alone during the day. We’ve had many dogs and while we worked always had at least 2. It sometimes took a few days for them to bond but they always did.


I am travelling to San Francisco today for maybe three months, and was feeling a little stressed.

My hearing has been getting worse over the years and I have these high tech earring aids that can create all sorts of magic.

This morning as I was doing the final pack, our Malamute ate one !

She was very sorry, and I was worried about her swallowing the battery. After a frantic search we found all the smashed and chewed bits including battery. It will be an interesting insurance claim.


She looks innocent!


She looks very sorry… she’s beautiful :two_hearts: