The Dog Thread


Is he normally OK with jackets? Our anxious little one hates them at the best of times.




He’s never worn one, I expected him to try get it off but he didn’t try. We were out early last night and he was getting spooked by lots of other dogs in a new environment and when we put it on he calmed almost instantly.


Because the Thunder Shirt wraps up tight, it is not like a jacket.

We put them on both our dogs on New Years Eve and both just went to bed and slept through the local fireworks. I have no understanding why they work, but they have done the job for us now for many years on a variety of dogs and breeds.


Once 10pm arrives my 3 yo dog calls it quits for the day. Nothing wakes her after that (unless there’s a chance of a late night snack)



One shepard I had many many years ago would eat pizza boxes hahahaha
He was also the only dog I ever knew who would eat raw brussel sprouts.


We looked after a Labrador x Great Dane for about a year while his owners looked after a newborn. He would eat anything. I once proved this to someone by pulling a shopping docket from my pocket which he ate and then looked on longingly for more delicious shopping dockets.


Day 4 & massive progress re: Zac’s toilet training. 6 successful outdoor visits & no indoor accidents today. Walks to the back door now to indicate that he wants to go outside. A sharp contrast to the past few days. Fast learner, however, I suspect the bite inhibition training is going to take weeks, if not months. How long did it take others on here? And the chew toys are a great redirection tool.


I’ve had a few Labs and they are notorious for mouthing, we found that teaching them what is and isn’t acceptable to have in their mouth via designated chew toys and soft toys that aren’t, teaches them good manners.

It’s basically an extension of “drop it”, “leave it” and “take it” commands.


Does he ■■■■ his head and stare at you when you’re trying to teach him something, trying to understand what you want? That’s what Ronnie does (son’s dog) - super cute.


Puppies will chew more while they’re teething. It should ease off once adult teeth are in (a good 6 months probably).
Having plenty of things he’s allowed to chew & telling him no when he tries others and replacing it with his chew toy is probably the best way to go. Congrats on the toilet training - he’s obviously clever & you’re spot on in taking outside often. They are clever dogs & respond well to training.


Notorious is one word for it.
They were literally bred to pick things up and bring them to you - labrador retriever.

Always amuses me when people get annoyed at dogs doing just what they’re designed to do.


Depends on the mutt.
Our current one took probably a bit over a month?
About a fortnight of it was really bad, when the teeth must have been quite painful. But she did pick up what was and wasn’t hers, quite quickly.


Like when our Kelpies try to round us up if we’re running in the park off lead. They’ve never taken me out despite their efforts. @bugman5 however… :joy:


Cheers, HM. Will gradually build up to that stage. For now, Zac is a serious ankle/hand/arm biter, so am teaching him about bite pressure, etc. He is starting to recognise when he bites too hard with his needle-like teeth. Man, they are sharp.

Ha. Yep, Decks, he certainly does. To the right.

Cheers, L&P, for answering my question. OK, 3 months and he should be right. Your earlier advice re: chew toys was great, thanks. Have 1/2 dozen at the moment, but will buy a few extras and rotate them. The redirection is already working a bit. I’ve been yelling out ‘ouch’ when he bites particularly hard, redirecting him to his chew toys, and praising him when he addresses them. I’ve also found ignoring him after he bites to be effective in helping him reflect. He usually saunters off for a bit and then returns to suck up for attention. Very cute. :joy:

Cheers, Haps. Light at the end of the tunnel.


Always leave the radio on when you are going out. Have a Kong with biccies in it and a couple of toys to play with. Make sure your pup has a box or bed of its own with a blanket, put something of yours in there with your smell on it.



Back to work next week. Have found a local ‘dog nursery’ that we are gunna use for 3 days a week. Impossible to leave such a young pup at home (for mine).

Great tip re: leaving a personal item in his crate when we are out for an hour or two. Thx.


Picked up Rusty this morning in Murrabit. He’s a Tin Terrier. We think he’ll fit in just fine with our other two lads.


Pity he’s not a tin retriever. Could save you a lot of trips to the fridge.


Picked up a new dog today from the rescue shelter, border collie cross. Very smart and should be a great running buddy.