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Condolences on the sad passing of Molly, @Mackster


a sad time for you mackster. at least they live on in your memorys for ever


Sorry for your loss @Mackster. Our old girl has been gone nearly a year now and we still miss her. At least they live on in your memories.


So a few months ago I noticed a lump on my dogs back leg. I didn’t think too much of it as she has a fair few fatty lumps on her and I though this was just another one.

2 weeks ago it had doubled in size to about half a golf ball and the vet confirmed my thoughts that it was tumour. My first family dog had an almost identical thing so I recognised it from that.

She had surgery to remove the lump last week but the vet called today and informed us that there is still some cells remaining ( the tumour is on the front of the leg and if they went any deeper she’d have to have a open wound during recovery). He did mention that this type of tumour is unlikely to spread to any vital organs.

Our dog is 9, and whilst it’s hard to accept she probably only had a life expectancy of 11 ( Rhodesian Ridgeback). We have been been given a few options. We could sent her to specialist but this would mean she’d have a large open wound during recovery and would probably cost upwards of $2K. Next option is to leave it and hopefully it doesn’t come back aggressively and she can live out her last few years in relative comfort. Most drastic option is to amputate the leg when the tumour returns.

She’s doesn’t seem to be in any pain, in fact she still runs around at a 100 miles an hour!

Has anyone been through a similar thing with their furry family member? Anyone tried any other methods ie.natural or tablets to hold the tumour at bay for a little longer?

Thanks for reading


I only know about this stuff from “The Supervet” show.

Many instances of Cancer, and a lot of success, … but they go to some lengths, and high expense. The other day, they took a whole cancerous bone out of a leg, and replaced it with a custom made Titanium implant. He does some amazing stuff .

Upshot is, in your situation given the age of your mate, I’d say go the wait and see option, and if necessary later, amputate the leg.

It seems with timelines he/she would only be 3 legged for a short time, and on the show, and plenty I’ve seen throughout my time in my own life, they all have adapted real well, and get along fine as a Tripod. There is in fact a 3 legged Jack Russell right next door who is nearing the finish line, and he’s been that way for 5 or 6 years and still gets around as ever.

Hope that helps some, & sorry you have to go through it. :pensive:


So sorry to hear your news Vandrs. So hard to know what is the ‘right’ decision for your girl. Our Dobe at aged 9 developed bone cancer in his front leg with similar options for treatment. He also had some back issues so we felt that amputation was not really an option. He remained well and happy until the end. I have seen dogs cope well with amputation so it’s really up to you to judge how she’d cope. Whatever you decide, you’ll do it with her best interests in your heart & that’s really all that can be asked.


Zac at 8 months & a healthy 17kgs. Has been a breeze to train. Thanks to all those who advised me to socialise him from a young age. I followed that advice & he is great with other dogs. Hasn’t once barked at or shown any aggression towards another dog.


Gorgeous @JohnRain!


Thanks, mate.

Yeah, he is a beautiful boy. Great colour/coat. Big paws & adding some decent muscle on to his frame now. Initially thought that he would end up around 18-20kgs, but reckon he will be a bit heavier than that. Can still feel his ribs, so he is a healthy size.


Thanks for posting the photos- he’s just gorgeous! Congrats on your perfect doggie parenthood.


Thx kindly, L&P.

My first experience owning this particular breed. Have been surprised by how clever he is. Definitely an intelligent breed.

He has been very spoilt. We use a ‘pet nursery school’ three days a week when my wife & I are away from home. Crazy expensive, but have the piece of mind that he is being well cared for & isn’t destroying our home while we are out. :laughing: When he is an adult, I may start trusting him to be home alone.


We have minded a friend’s staffy for extended periods and yes, they’re clever and respond well to training. I love that you care so much about him. Our last boy - a Doberman- was our baby. The only dog we’d had on his own (we’d always had at least 2 as we both worked). We didn’t like to leave him alone - he didn’t like it either!! So he came wherever we went - we were a pack!
Nursery school provides great company and socialisation. Good on you.


Would love to see a pic of your last boy (also Zac?) - if you have one handy & don’t mind sharing.




Family photo


My pleasure. This phone is newish so he was over 10 years old in all of them (passed away at 12 1/2 from bone cancer. He had many different faces - from quite alert to soft and gentle.


Great pic. A miracle that you managed to get them all to look straight ahead. :joy:


He is a beautiful boy. So glad you’re happy with him.

Re barking, Staffi’s don’t bark much, only if they have to.:slightly_smiling_face:


What are your dogs names @Clone_Hirdy ?


What a beauty! Thx for sharing.


Love them - great pics!! I have posted pics of our Dobe but we also had 2 labs. Loved them!! Ours loved to lay on each other -piling up on one doggie bed! They also liked to be lap dogs!! the Dobe loved to sit on them! They had such great natures.